Vintage Minnie Mouse at Disneyland

Vintage Minnie Halloween costume ~ Lynlee's

We spent last weekend celebrating Halloween at the Happiest Place on Earth: Disneyland! We didn’t attend Mickey’s Halloween Party {an event for which you have to purchase separate tickets}, but one of the main reasons my daughter, Anabelle, wanted to go during Halloween time was to dress up in a costume and partake in all the park’s seasonal festivities.

Mickey Mouse pumpkin fondant cupcake topper ~ Lynlee's

Prior to our departure, we had yet to carve a pumpkin and with all the events lined up upon our return, I honestly didn’t think we’d have time to do so this year. So, I felt the need to at least make a pumpkin fondant cupcake topper… Mickey style!

Steamboat Minnie costume ~ Lynlee's

In the recent years, Anabelle has dressed up as Jewel from the movie Rio, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and a Lalaloopsy doll! When I asked her what she was thinking to dress up as this year, she immediately said she wanted to be Minnie Mouse. But not regular Minnie… vintage Minnie Mouse! I immediately agreed that it was a super cute idea. Since our incredibly generous in-laws gifted us with season passes to the park last Christmas, this year has been all about Disneyland and we’ve tried to take full advantage and visit the park as much as possible. So it was no surprise that this season’s costume be a Disney character!

Minnie Mouse meeting ~ Lynlee's

To put vintage, steamboat Minnie together, I enlisted the help of the wonderful and incredibly talented ladies at Creative Chics! As you may remember, we have joined forces a couple of times to offer a holiday giveaway last year and a joint giveaway to celebrate my book launch. I just adore their gorgeous aprons and thought it would be adorable if they made one to represent Minnie’s aqua polka dot skirt. Paired with her sweet shoes we found at the Disney store, gloves with the iconic three black stripes and ears I embellished with a felt hat and daisy, vintage Minnie Mouse was born! And what better way to show it off than at Disneyland… with Minnie herself!

Minnie Mouse then & now ~ Lynlee's

Minnie's house ~ Lynlee's

Minnie Mouse at home ~ Lynlee's

Vintage Minnie Mouse costume ~ Lynlee's

As you can see, Disneyland and Toon Town were the perfect settings for a photo shoot! So much so that while we were there, we took advantage and took a couple of pics of Anabelle’s brand new Anna dress as well. And while we’re on it, did you know they opened a store called Anna & Elsa’s Boutique at Downtown Disney?! And that you can’t miss it when walking by, as they lure you in with promises of making all your Frozen dreams come true?! 😉 Well, we definitely couldn’t resist and the dress was debuted at the school Halloween celebration this week, which included our Nightmare Before Christmas inspired trunk-or-treat design!

Frozen Anna costume ~ Lynlee's

What are you or your kiddos dressing up as this Halloween? Wishing you a ghoulishly fun and safe time!

Vintage Minnie Mouse collage ~ Lynlee's

Merci Beaucoup!

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