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Lynlee's Musical Fondant Topper Tutorials

Sweet Melody Musical Fondant Tutorials

Music is such an essential part of people's lives, don't you agree?! Not a minute goes by where I don't have a song in my head. I wake up every morning with a melody playing, whether it's a current popular song I've been hearing on the radio or a memory of one of my favorites or, sometimes annoyingly, a song from a children's show that I've heard one too many times! Regardless of the ballad or its origin, there's no questioning the power and emotions a song can evoke, along with its healing … [Read More...]

Fondant Cow Cupcake Tutorial ~ Lynlee's

Moo-ve Over for an Udder-ly Adorable Cow Tutorial

When we lived in Southern California, we would always take car trips up north to visit our families, which meant an inevitable nose-pinching pass through the "stinky cows", as my daughter used to call them. And then we would joke that it smelled like Daddy!  ;)  Now that we live in the desert, we don't get to visit the stinky cows anymore, but we sure can make some... and these smell a heck of a lot better! I wanted to create this sweet farm animal in cupcake form that would be perfect … [Read More...]

Tooth Fairy Cupcake Topper

Sweet Tooth Fairy Fondant Tutorial

My daughter, Anabelle, lost her first tooth a couple of years ago when she was five and so began our relationship with the magical Tooth Fairy! There are a variety of traditions that families follow for their tooth transactions and it's worth thinking about early on so that items can be made/ordered that will make the Tooth Fairy's first visit a smooth one. Our little fairy decided that she would leave a little tooth pillow {that she just might have commissioned from Hannalah Designs' … [Read More...]

Latest Parties

Endless Summer surf pool party ~ Lynlee's

Anabelle’s Endless Summer Surf Party

I'm super excited to share the details of my daughter's Endless Summer surf party for her 7th make-up/unbirthday! Ever since Anabelle was born, we've been throwing big parties when commemorating her special day. The celebrations, as well as my party planning skills, have evolved and developed throughout the years, from her very first Poodle in Paris party to her 4th Finding Neverland birthday to last year's Vintage Hawaiian Luau. Due to work commitments and all the craziness from the release of … [Read More...]

Las Vegas Casino Party

What Happens in Vegas…

Viva Las Vegas! Last November, my incredible grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday!!! What an amazing milestone! Everyone who meets her cannot believe her age because she looks so young, but also because she can usually be found partying it up at the Vegas casinos! Due to her affinity for gambling, we decided to celebrate with a casino-themed party and dessert table! Since we had planned an entire weekend of fun, including a couple of nights at the Palms Casino Resort, we set up the desserts … [Read More...]

Rio party

Let Me Take You to a Rio Party!

This past weekend, we celebrated my mother's birthday with a Rio party! A couple of years ago, we commemorated my mom's big day with a Pan Am party, harking back to her days working at the airline. Though last year's vibe of her Namaste Spa was serene and tranquil, we decided to spice it up a bit this year! As you may or may not know, I was born in Brazil and lived there until I was almost 12. Though I'm from São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro is such an iconic city (the second largest in the country) … [Read More...]

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Love Matches cake pop tutorial

Perfect Match: Valentine Cake Pops Tutorial

Now that February has arrived, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, along with the search for the perfect gift for your loved ones! Last year, I was inspired by retro Valentine images and … [Read More...]

Whole Macadamia White Chocolate Crunch Recipe

Whole Macadamia White Chocolate Crunch

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Hawaiian Host, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #HawaiianHoliday … [Read More...]

Charlie Brown Trunk or Treat

It’s the Great Pumpkin Trunk, Charlie Brown!

Happy Halloween, sweet friends! What are your favorite Halloween traditions? Though we usually partake in fun school parties and parades, as well as trick-or-treating with our dear friends, we have … [Read More...]

Latest Family Fun

School fondant toppers

Head Back to School as the Teacher’s Pet!

Have your kiddos headed back to school yet? My daughter starts school on Monday and we just attended her school function where she found out who her new teacher will be and who's in her class! It's … [Read More...]

Rio Jewel costume ~ Lynlee's

Poppin’ in the Amazon with Rio 2

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® Pop Secret and Fox Entertainment, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia  #PopForRio2 … [Read More...]

End of School Teacher Gift for the Summer

Last Day of School: Peace Out First Grade!

School's out for Summer!!! Just like my daughter, Anabelle, I have been looking forward to the last day of school for quite awhile now! And yes, we did just return from a trip to Disneyland, as we … [Read More...]