Breakfast at Tiffany’s

With every passing year, I find that settling on a Halloween costume becomes just a tad bit harder with the inevitable increase in opinions! Gone are the days when I could just pick what I thought {frankly, knew} was the cutest costume ever and Anabelle, my baby/toddler at the time, didn’t know any better and just went with the flow! But this year, when discussing ideas for a costume with my kindergartner, there was definitely more push back than in previous holidays. Last Halloween, Anabelle was the blue macaw, Jewel, from the animated movie “Rio”, which was super fun! Like many little girls, she wanted to be a princess, but was having a difficult time in settling on a particular one. While brainstorming possibilities, we were trying to think of who she resembled and the idea of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” came up because, frankly, is there anyone who fits the title of “princess” better?! Thus, a costume was created and a princess to satisfy everyone’s wishes was born!

Anabelle’s Audrey Hepburn costume was fairly simple to put together and best of all, items that she can and will continue to wear! After all, every girl needs a little black dress. We could not have the themed costume and pass up the chance to take some pictures at a Tiffany & Co. store. Fortunately, being in Las Vegas, we had the pick of several stores on the Strip, so we decided to head to the location in the Bellagio Hotel. I was a bit hesitant that we were not going to be able to take photos near or in the store, but decided to take the chance… just because we’re crazy like that! Not only were we allowed to take pictures, but coincidentally, it was the Grand Re-opening of the Tiffany & Co. store and the staff couldn’t be more excited, friendly and incredibly welcoming! The Director invited us in to the gorgeous, newly remodeled store, let Anabelle try on jewelry {including a gorgeous engagement ring!}, and gifted her with her first Tiffany piece ~ the most precious double-heart tag pendant ~ so she would always “Return to Tiffany”! We were truly touched. I admitted my initial trepidation to the Director, to which he replied, “We love to have fun at Tiffany’s!”. Honestly, I’ve always had a special love for this store and brand, but after this experience, we will undoubtedly return.

Halloween is not yet here, but Anabelle has already been “treated” like a true princess. ♥


Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. so cute. My daughter just celebrated her 21st birthday with a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme. She received her first Tiffany piece too. Made Tiffany blue and white cakepops, a layer cake with a Tiffany blue bow. Cookies iced with the famous color and ‘engraved’ with 21. The table and room were so fun to decorate. The Tiffany’s Charlotte NC store was so fun to shop at. Great theme!

  2. I have a deep love for Tiffany although my engagement ring isn’t nearly as large at the one she tried on. That is the cutest costume and best story ever! Annabelle is a lucky little lady!

  3. Love this!!!!! What a memorable photo shoot and Halloween!!!

  4. this story really touched me! i have a whole new respect for Tiffany & Co. now. and you have the perfect little princess. that last photo is so timeless. i hope you’re getting a big print or canvas of it!

  5. Anabelle is so lucky to have a mommy like you! This is seriously the CUTEST idea ever!! Happy Halloween!! :)

  6. I am DYING over here! Girl, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

  7. oh my gosh that is the cutest costume and idea I have ever seen! Both your daughter and pictures are beautiful!


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