Teddy Bear Picnic Fondant Tutorial

Teddy Bear Picnic fondant tutorial ~ Lynlee's

Do/did you or your kiddos have a favorite teddy bear? When my daughter, Anabelle, was really little, she never really had a favorite stuffed animal that she carried everywhere with her. At first, I thought it would be cute if she did have a favorite, but then was thankful that she didn’t so we didn’t have to worry about her losing it or having to replace it if anything happened. Then, on her fourth birthday, we bought a little teddy as a prop for her Finding Neverland party {to serve as Michael Darling’s bear} and ever since, Beary, as he was named, rarely leaves her side! We’ve had a few scares, including Beary getting lost at the mall or even in Hawaii, but so far, he’s always made it home safely. Rumor has it, we might have another one stored away that we scoured eBay for just in case, but you did not hear that from me. 😉

Beary collage

Since Teddy Bear Picnic Day is coming up on July 10th, what sweeter way to celebrate than grabbing a blanket and enjoying a cupcake with our favorite stuffed animal?! I created this Teddy Bear Picnic fondant tutorial to top your cupcakes just for the occasion! Head on over to the Craftsy blog for the simple step-by-step instructions to re-create this darling bear.

Teddy Bear Fondant Tutorial

Feel free to add it to a set of cupcake toppers for additional themes, such as this Beary Girly Sleepover collection I made a couple of years ago!

Beary Girly Sleepover Cupcake Toppers ~ Lynlee's

And for more tutorials and inspiration on my personal favorite teddy bear of all time, check out these posts influenced by the one and only Winnie the Pooh!


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