Too Cool for School!

My daughter, Anabelle, started Kindergarten today!!! You might recall the “I Hope You Dance” party I posted a couple of weeks ago, capturing my wishes for her to take chances, have fun and dance throughout the many adventures life has to offer. Today’s adventure began with waking up from a good night’s sleep, getting dressed and eating a breakfast of champions… well, actually it was Cheerios! Though she is not usually an “early to bed” kind of gal, the fun-filled Back to School weekend we just had tired her out! We dedicated the last few days of Summer vacation to preparing and having fun, including shopping for supplies, camping out in our living room and watching “Barbie: A Mermaid Tale 2”, of course. To build excitement for the new addition of school uniforms, we also had a “RULE THE SCHOOL” photo shoot and fashion show!
I collected items from the various shops where we purchased her uniform clothes and accessories and put together “looks” that comprised the Fall 2012 Kindergarten Collection in our fashion House of Petite Cakes! I utilized the same chalkboard background from my “Growing up 80’s” party, along with props from Anabelle’s “No Toy Gets Left Behind” celebration to set up the shoot. With school graphics from Maree Truelove, I made an invite that I attached to a metal lunch box. I also purchased some ribbons in her school colors and made some hair bows to match her uniform. We blasted music, struck many poses and did exactly what girls just wanna do! ♥
Along with the graphics from Maree Truelove, I utilized additional designs from Cupcake Cutiees to create little love notes to include in my daughter’s lunches!
And finally, instead of showing up with some regular apples to gift our new Kindergarten teachers, we glittered some up and expressed our excitement to be starting a SPARKLING new school year!

From witnessing her take her first steps to now watching her walk into her Kindergarten class for the first time, these are moments I will cherish and remember forever. So, might as well do it with style, with some sparkle and shine, and always ready to dance. ♥

Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. How absolutely adorable! She can’t help but be so exciting to go. Wishing you lots of luck, Anabelle!

  2. What a FANTASTIC send off! I hope she enjoys Kindergarten!!

  3. Doh, that was meant to be ‘excited to go.’ Sorry. <3

  4. Holy cuteness and what a fab idea! Love the fashion show…you are one clever mama that is for sure! Hope she has the best first day ever! <3

  5. You are the best mom ever… and so creative. I need a little girl to do fashion shows with, asap! : )

  6. That is so cute & such a great idea!!

  7. I’m available for adoption and can stay home with you every day! ♥HH

  8. You made the first day of school such fun!!

  9. How cool are you?!! you deserve an award for the best momma ever! Enjoy reading all your posts Lynlee! Happy School Year to your sweet girl =)

  10. OMG soooo cute! :)


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