Head Back to School as the Teacher’s Pet!

Back to School fondant tutorial

Have your kiddos headed back to school yet? My daughter starts school on Monday and we just attended her school function where she found out who her new teacher will be and who’s in her class! It’s always a nerve-wracking time in a kid’s life… wondering what the teacher is going to be like and if his/her friends will be in the same class. Luckily, she was placed with the teacher she had been wanting AND she’ll be together with her BFF from last year. Phew!!!

I Hope You Dance party

I can hardly believe that it’s already been a couple of  years since I organized this I Hope You Dance  party when she was just about to start Kindergarten. This theme was a culmination of all the excitement and anxieties I was feeling as my baby girl was embarking on one of the first of many, many milestones of her life and my main wish to her. It’s fun to look back on my fears and hopes just two years ago and what she has already accomplished since then and just how much things have changed… or remained the same! One thing definitely remains the same: FUN!!!

Rule the School fashion show

That same year, we also decided to have a Too Cool for School  fashion show to get her excited for uniforms. She’s always been a bit of a fashionista, so having to wear uniforms on a daily basis would be a big change. To spice it up, we had a fashion show for the family to add some fun, but also to demonstrate how she could pair up the different clothing elements, as well as accessorize! We’re all set with new uniforms, as well as cute accessories and shoes for the year!

Back to School Fondant Cupcake Toppers

So, now to finalize our supply shopping, organize her brand new backpack {one of my favorite parts as a child… and kind of as a mom, too!} and, of course, prep a gift for the teacher for the first day of school! I created these cute Back to School fondant cupcake toppers and provided the super simple instructions on the Craftsy blog to easily re-create them! They not only would be perfect for the first day of school, but also for scholastic events throughout the year, inclusive of Teacher Appreciation Day in May. Personalize them in your own way and allow your kids to write their own notes!

We can’t wait for all the fun and excitement the new school year has to offer! What is your favorite part of going back to school?


Merci Beaucoup!

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