WellieWishers Willa’s Garden Picnic

This post is spon­sored by American Girl, but as always, all ideas and opin­ions are my own!


Have you heard of American Girl’s newest brand of dolls, WellieWishers?! These sweet girls are the best of friends that have fun and exciting adventures right in the backyard. They wear the cutest outfits and each have the most adorable wellie garden boots matching their clothes and personalities! The WellieWishers dolls are smaller than the traditional American Girls {14.5″ vs. 18″} and have their own coordinating clothes and accessories tailored for the younger girl.

If you’ve been following along on the blog, you know that my daughter, Anabelle, is a huge American Girl fan! In addition to her American Girl in Paris birthday party we threw last year, we have also put together several other themed playdates, including Maryellen’s Fabulous 50’s Diner and Lea Clark’s Brazilian Tropical Playdate. When we heard about the new WellieWishers line, Anabelle was super excited and upon reading up on the five girls, decided she really wanted Willa, the adventurous, animal-loving friend! I think her precious ladybug wellies were a big selling point! And we had to take the playdate outdoors with a garden picnic theme!


Instead of baskets, we gave our picnic a more garden feel with the incorporation of wooden crates and plates, galvanized stands and tubs and a black and white gingham blanket {recognizable as tablecloths from the Grace-inspired party!}. I made little fabric banners to accentuate the crates and to tie back to Willa’s boots, we added some adorable ladybug polka dot balloons from Hoopla Events! The mix between Willa’s colorful clothes, with floral and polka dot accents gave me the liberty to mix lots of colors and patterns in the decor.


A picnic is not a picnic without food and beverages! We served mini flower tea sandwiches that we simply punched out with flower cookie cutters, along with some fresh strawberries. The top of the tiered stand displayed the WellieWishers Berry Sweet Snack Stand with goodies for Willa! Pink lemonade was served in glass jars with colorful pinwheel paper straws. Miniature plates and floral napkins that I found at Joann were just perfect for the occasion!






I found these cute faux moss-covered letters at Michael’s, to which I added some colorful artificial flowers. I picked “W” for WellieWishers and Willa, but you can really utilize the letters in fun and creative ways to personalize your event!


And now to the good stuff: sweets and desserts! I made these fun garden cupcakes with little insects and veggies in little silicone flower pots. You can find out more about how to make the fondant toppers here! I also found cute little critter clips at the Dollar Tree, which we used to hold colorful baggies of jelly beans that could be eaten at the party or be taken home as favors. And finally, Anabelle and I made little ladybug Rice Krispies treats together! We separated and dyed the marshmallow and melted butter mixture red and black. Then we spread them out onto a baking sheet and used round circle cutters to cut out the bodies and heads. And we utilized extra of the black to make the dots! Just make sure the marshmallow is still warm to attach the dots or use a little melted chocolate to glue them.





On a small wooden crate, Anabelle set up the darling WellieWishers Tea for Two Party Set. The miniature plates, cups and utensils all have their own little designated spots on the placemats. And it also comes with an adorable owl teapot!








Anabelle had so much fun playing and having a tea party with Willa! The WellieWishers line is absolutely precious and I love that their adventures are geared to help kids learn how to “stand in another person’s wellies” to discover the skills of empathy, kindness, and compassion that will help them be good friends!



Merci Beaucoup!

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