How We Roll 80’s Rollerskating Party Ideas


Parties are obviously big ’round these parts, but when it comes to my daughter, Anabelle’s birthday, it’s the biggest celebration of the year! Last year, her An American Girl in Paris party was a big production. To commemorate her 9th birthday this year, she specifically requested an 80’s rollerskating party, which made me so proud! If you’ve followed along for awhile, you know I ♥ the 80’s, as I declared in my Growing Up 80’s party from a few years back. So I was totally game with this year’s theme!


We started off with the invitations, which just had to be made like Trapper Keepers like I’ve done in the past. This time around, I made them a little younger with a Lisa Frank feel with the most adorable clip art from Jessica Weible Studios! All the party information was included on “notebook paper” inside the folder that closed with velcro, just like the real thing!


I was so excited to work with the 80’s theme again and immediately remembered all the fun plastic necklaces, bracelets and charms I had seen at Michael’s!!! Remember these?!?! Anabelle and I had a blast picking a bunch of charms to make her a necklace, as well as favors for all her guests. She totally dressed like an iconic 80’s girl for her rollerskating party with her hot pink tutu dress, denim jacket, fingerless gloves and leg warmers! And we couldn’t forget the side ponytail!



We usually have Anabelle’s birthday parties at a park, but since she wanted to roller skate, I found a local roller rink that we could rent out. The only stipulation was that it had to be during non-peak hours, which meant we were having a morning party! Plus, unlike the park, we had a limited time to set everything up {approximately an hour}, so we decided to keep it simple by setting up a food table and some additional activities. To play along with the lighting at the roller rink, we used marquee lights in the decor, from the This Is How We Roll marquee sign to light up letters and iconic 80’s lips!


In addition to some fun, Lisa Frank inspired balloons I got for decorations, I also followed the tutorial by Oh Happy Day to make a huge roller skate pinata to match Anabelle’s skates! It was perfect to add some decor to the roller rink and was great for photo opps!


Since the 80’s rollerskating party was taking place in the morning, we decided to focus primarily on breakfast foods, though we just couldn’t have a party without the amazing cookies by my incredibly talented friend, Casey from Case Bakes!!! Casey made the most fabulous 80’s rollerskating cookies for Anabelle’s An American Girl in Paris party that completely stole the show and, as you can see, she did not disappoint this year! I couldn’t even compete with my fondant toppers, so I didn’t even try this time around!


Instead of a cake, Anabelle specifically requested donuts instead, so we settled on a donut cake! We tiered three glass cake stands and piled up the donuts on each layer. I then topped it with a banner I made {including some roller skate charms} and a candle! It came out super cute!!! In addition to bagels, cream cheese and fruit, we also set up a cereal bar with lots of fun neon plates, cutlery and decor!





With all the 80’s-inspired charms we bought, we decided to make stations for the guest to put together themselves {rather than just hand them out}, giving them another activity during the party. The girls were able to add roller skate, headphones and friendship heart charms to put on bracelets, while the boys could add guitars and skateboards to backpack clips!



In addition to rollerskating and charm-building, we also had the privilege of having Chelsey Kuzyk do some totally tubular face painting for the guests! Chelsey did such an amazing job drawing roller skates, skateboards, rainbows and animal prints and her neon face paint was so awesome it glowed! If you are in the Las Vegas area, I would absolutely recommend her services!




The main event was, of course, the skating! Since we had rented the entire rink at Crystal Palace, we had it all to ourselves and the kids {and adults!} didn’t have to worry about bumping in to other skaters. It was totally worth it, especially since a lot of the guests were young and newbies to rollerskating!









Since the kids received most of their favors during the party, we just wanted to send them rolling on their way with a little something small, so we gave everyone rock candy on a stick with the sentiment, “YOU ROCK!” attached on tags. Anabelle and her guests had a totally rad time at her 80’s rollerskating party! Quite honestly, I was a bit worried, as we have never had one of her parties at a location, mostly due to the time limitations, but it turned out being one of the easiest parties I’ve ever thrown and SOOOOO much fun! I even got to partake in the festivities rather than run around like a crazy party planner! Now, what to do next year…


Merci Beaucoup!

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