Growing up 80’s Totally Awesome Party!

This past weekend I celebrated my 34th birthday and though I don’t usually do this, I decided to throw myself a party! If you know me personally or follow me on Facebook, you might already know that I’m absolutely obsessed with the 80’s and have always wanted a themed party to celebrate this decade! I thought this would be the perfect opportunity now that 80’s and neon style is TOTALLY back! Since it was MY birthday, I opted for self-indulgence and focused on all the elements that brought me back to when I was growing up. This really was the most fun I’ve ever had shopping for party supplies because of all the AWESOME memories they evoked!!!

For the invites, I decided to re-create one of my favorite and essential items as a kid growing up in the 80’s: a Trapper Keeper! Utilizing graphics that I purchased from the “Awesome 80’s” collection on Etsy by Maree Truelove, I designed the binder, which I printed on photo paper to give it more construction and sheen, and added a small adhesive velcro. The details of the party were printed inside on lined paper that was attached to a stack of 4×6 index cards to add to the thickness. I had fun with all the colors and fonts that I downloaded for free on the internet!

The dessert table was centered by a cassette stereo and a red lips phone I found at local thrift stores. I created some stands with VHS and cassette tapes, along with some Mead Trapper folders, which I found in the supermarket stationary aisles… exactly where I did back in the day! Additional decor included miniature etch-a-sketches, slinkies and koosh balls. I created food labels with a denim digital paper from Granny Enchanted’s Blog {lightened to give it a more acid wash effect with some paint splashes}, then added some colorful designs and buttons and placed them on mini rubix cubes. I also found some RAD “Footloose” and “Flashdance” glasses at Ross Stores that were just perfect! One side of the table included Cabbage Patch cake balls, Tetris rice krispies pops on silly straws, 80’s toys cake pops {pogo balls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Popples) and popular candy from the era. The cupcakes included iconic 80’s items, such as a Teddy Ruxpin, rainbow roller skates and an L.A. Gear tennis shoe!

The other side of the table displayed 80’s button Oreo pops, slap bracelet candy strips, bubble gum and 80’s electronic “bytes”! I was inspired by some Screech marshmallow pops I had seen in the Saved by the Bell party from Nicole at Million Dollar $mile Celebrations {one of my fave parties!}, so I dipped marshmallows in chocolate and confetti sprinkles and styled them with different fondant hair styles of the 80’s! Can you identify the do’s: the hair band, the Flock of Seagulls, punk mohawk, the rattail, the side pony tail and, of course, the mullet!
I wanted the background to resemble school lockers to display some 80’s memorabilia, so I came up with an idea to draw them with chalk and have one open with the actual items coming out of it. With the help of my dad and husband, we created an 8×8 blackboard by painting two wooden boards with chalkboard paint and attaching them together, along with a shelf and hook. The “inside” of the locker included my personal faves that I either owned or purchased at thrift stores, from toys to books to electronics. I purchased the super cute 80’s photobooth props from paper & cake and utilized a couple of the buttons to decorate the backpack with safety pins.
The open door of the locker was decorated with cut-outs of 80’s teen magazines, buttons utilized as magnets and photos of moi and my young friends!
I couldn’t have an appropriate 80’s party without dressing up! I set up a “Bodacious Beauty Bar” in our guest bathroom, which offered all the make-up, accessories and hair products needed {inside a Caboodles box, of course!}. Choices of sunglasses, press-on nails, jelly bracelets and sticker jewelry not only made me giddy, but my daughter was beside herself with excitement!
For dinner, we served cheeseburgers with the Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” 80’s slogan in little neon school bins, along with chicken nuggets. I wanted to re-create the McNugget Buddies toys from the 80’s McDonald Happy Meals, so I downloaded the photobooth props so generously offered by Oh Happy Day {thank you so much to Creative Juice for the fab tip!} to dress up the little nuggets! Refreshments included Ecto-Cooler Hi-C and Pac-Man energy drinks!
For activities, I had a Slam Book from the Sweet Valley High book series to fill out our picks for the most popular, most like Jessica Wakefield and make predictions in the “Crystal Ball” section! I also found paper “Swatch” watches to be decorated with neon puffy paint and cans of neon silly string for “graffiti”! The favors included neon pens, miniature note and address books and erasers.
We couldn’t get all gussied up in our RAD 80’s outfits and not have a photo booth! We had a TOTALLY AWESOME time with the fun props from paper & cake and took some GNARLY polaroids!

I had such an incredible time strolling down memory lane, re-living my childhood and celebrating my birthday! I have to say that one of the best parts was how my daughter, Anabelle, was so excited to dress up, sing and dance to 80’s music and said to me, “I wanna have an 80’s party, too!”… I guess my work is done. 😉

Growing Up 80's Totally Awesome party ~ Lynlee's

Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. Incredible!!!! The details are amazing. This brought back some great memories :)

  2. This is totally awesome Lynlee! It looks like a complete blast. My favorite is the beauty bar and how you used the old Vhs for dessert towers. Brilliant as always.

  3. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! lol i love this! i am laughing so hard at all the memories!!!
    so perfect & creative!

  4. AMAZING!!! Love all the details! Looking at the pictures I was “I remember that! And that, and that!!!!!”

  5. Dina - Deliciously Darling Events says:

    OH MY GOSH LYNLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just took me back to my childhood! Totally love love love every 80’s detail! You are incredible! From the slam books to the cabbage patch cake pops. So flippin adorable. You rule :)

  6. This is sooo amazing! I love all details, especially have a fondness for puffy paint!! You are so super talented, awesome job!

  7. OOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOD! This is freaking AMAZING! It’s like you got into my head and put everything I love about the 80s onto a party! Popples? Pogo Balls? Cocktail (which I just watched this weekend!) Lynlee, I cannot. I mean, I am speechless. Let’s be best friends!!!!

    • Your compliments seriously mean the world to me, Britt! Thank you SO, SO much for your incredibly kind and generous words, friend! One of these days we will meet in person and party like it’s… 1989!!! ♥

  8. Becky's cakes and ideas! says:

    Wow!!! Totally awesome!!!!

  9. It’s totally rad girl!! Brought back so many memories!!!

  10. Totally awesome! I feel like I just went through the 80’s again but this time was a whole lot more fun! ♥ Happy Belated Birthday, Sweet Cakes!

  11. Oh my goodness this is the best party ever! I graduated high school in 1990 so I am a TRUE 80’s child. Thank you!

  12. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! I love this!! Where did you find the Ecto-Cooler?!?!?!?!

  13. LOVE everything about this party, Lynlee!! {guess my invite was lost in the mail!?}

  14. Such fun memories. Excellent job putting this totally rad party together!

  15. OMG! What a cool party Lynlee! How on earth did you find everything!! Great memories!!!

  16. Like totally, for sure! INSANE job! I want an 80’s party in September — love you!

  17. I LOVE THIS! Totally, “fur suuure”. Complete with side pony and jelly bracelets. Ahh the memories. Too fun.

  18. That was completely amazing! I can’t believe all the details, I think you covered the 80’s very well! Love the cabbage heads, 867-5309, and swatches and everything! Great job!

  19. This is unreal! I love it all!!! Especially the high tops that look like LA Gear on the cupcakes. :) Megan

  20. Seriously. I think I still have that same Walkman somewhere around here. I’m sure I have some folders in a memories box somewhere. I can’t believe you not only did the Reebok sneakers but the rainbow skates, the Polaroid! The Aqua Net! Everything! How in the world did you remember all that stuff! (Personally I try to block it out… LOL) You amaze me. That’s all.

    • Oh, Michele! Thank you so incredibly much, sweet friend!!! I’m obsessed with the 80’s, so it wasn’t too difficult to try to remember everything! LOL! You’re the sweetest! And made it look even better with this fab site! ♥

  21. Thanks a lot Lynlee!! Now no one can do an 80’s party because you just did it ALL!! LOL! I TOTALLY love the 80’s and I TOTALLY love this party! You’re a freakin’ genius, that’s all I gotta say. Seriously.

  22. Awesome as usual!~~


  23. So cute Lynee! I LOVE all your awesome details!

  24. I am totally in LOVE!!! This party is so totally awesome! Being a lover of the 80’s girl you totally nailed it!!!!! I would love to feature this but I’m sure bigger blogs than me have first dibs!! :)


  25. omg I stumbled upon this link on facebook and am LOVING this!!! A stroll down memory lane in deed! I still have my Popple toy stashed away somwhere, now I want to go find it lol. Those 80’s hair pops are such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing all this :)

  26. Where did you get all the fondant toppers? Amazing!

  27. I just relived my childhood! How fun! Happy Birthday to you!!

  28. What type of folder did you use to make the trapper keeper invites? They are absolutely amazing! I’ve never seen a party done like this before! Simply amazing!

    • Thank you so very much, Melissa! I actually used photo paper to print it out and made it slightly larger to fit 4×6 index cards inside to add a bit of bulk. Hope this helps! ♥

  29. Anonymous says:

    That has to be one of the most awsome displays ever..What a great job celebrating the 80’s, I’m a child of the 70’s and that gave me a wonderful idea for my 55th,Thank you for the wonderful Ideas..=)

  30. I Love this! I’m an 80’s kid =)

  31. Wow! looks like fun! I love a good 80’s throwback!

  32. These are so cute :-)

  33. AAAMAZING!!!! I can’t get enough, those cake balls are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Every element is so well done!!

  34. Wow, I would have loved to see all of your amazing creations in person. I can imagine how much fun you and your guests had during the party and I bet you had just as much fun planning and executing the party. Everything looks perfectly 80’s!

  35. Awesome! you´re a real inspiration to me! thank you and God bless!

  36. totally awesome party!!! love it! Happy Bday!

  37. These is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing, I love every single detail, brought back some wonderful memories. My hubby and I laughed a lot just remembering. Thank you for the idea maybe I’ll try it these year. Greeting from Panama, PTY 😛 – Grettel

  38. So wicked awesome! I miss Rainbow rollerskates. Thanks for the flashback

  39. Looks like you had an amazing 80’s party. I shared the info with a friend that grew up in the 80’s. I was 19 in 1980 so I mostly an “adult” during that time. I mostly remember the fun clothes we had. :)

  40. Your 80’s Party Decorations fully Take My Breath Away, because I have been looking and searching in so many years (more than 10 years!) for a really specific and so detailed party decorations as possible, everywhere on the Internet, but now I found it here! And I have to tell your i’m a Dane (from Denmark!), but I really do hope you understand the most of it, and that I commend you all the way up to the clouds. Everything is so awesome and so successful right down to the smallest detail, and that’s what I like, so I will really consider to use some your ideas for my next round birthday! I have tried once, but it was not a succes, mostly because I were not satisfied enough and maybe not prepared enough, and most important, not detailed enough! A really great thumbs up for all your beautiful ideas!

  41. this is amazing!! do you sell and ship your treats? Those would be perfect for my daughter’s 13th birthday party in Feb. Tiffany @

    • Hi Tiffany ~ Thank you so much for your sweet words, but unfortunately I am not currently taking orders! :( I truly appreciate you thinking of me!

  42. tenniece says:

    Are you.taking orders yet for the fondant creations?


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