Disney Descendants Obsession!

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Disney Descendants Obsession Mal Doll ~ Lynlee's

Since the Disney Channel began promoting the release of their newest original movie, Descendants, my daughter, Anabelle and I had been counting down the days to the big debut on July 31st! The Disney villains have increasingly grown in popularity in the recent years and we were excited to see this particular take on their offspring. With the focus on the children of the classic characters of the Evil Queen from Snow White, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations and Jafar from Aladdin, it got us thinking: which is our favorite villain?!

Evil Queen at Disneyland ~ Lynlee's

From that particular group, I would say that it would come down to either the Evil Queen or Maleficent. On a recent trip to Disneyland, we ran into the Evil Queen, who, as you can see, didn’t seem to be exceptionally thrilled to take a picture with Anabelle! Lol! But it was actually rather funny watching her react with the different guests, roll her eyes and dish out snarky remarks! I actually commented to the family that it would be an super fun character to play… especially if you’re having a bad day! 😉

Maleficent ~ Lynlee's

That being said, our favorite villain of the bunch is actually Maleficent! Her horns alone make her pretty frickin’ cool! But we also really, really liked the Maleficent movie released last year and its different perspective on the story. I personally love the different points of view and the reminder that there are always two sides to a story and the need to take it all in prior to making judgments. It’s not always all black and white, right?! When we first watched the film in the theaters, they were handing out paper horns to celebrate the release. We then upgraded to some fancier horns we purchased at the Disneyland park!

Descendants Obsession ~ Lynlee's

It was fitting that Maleficent turned out to be our favorite since her daughter, Mal, in the Descendants movie ended up being my daughter’s favorite character! As do many of her friends, Anabelle just adores role playing and singing and dancing these days and this film provided plenty of inspiration for all three! After the release, she printed out the lyrics to one of the main songs, Rotten to the Core, and has been singing it non-stop. We also recorded the movie on our DVR, but we wanted a portable option, so we decided to get it on DVD.

Descendants Dolls at Walmart

Descendants DVD, CD & Dolls

We headed to Walmart to pick up the Descendants DVD… then found the CD close by… then naturally, somehow ended up in the toy aisle! I figured instead of fast forwarding the DVD to the songs when she wanted to sing and dance, picking up the soundtrack would probably be easier. And the doll… well, the doll was just extra because she is simply OBSESSED! I actually was impressed with the figure because her clothes were super cute {there is a focus on fashion in the film} and I particularly like the poseable limbs and hands. All of the products are obviously super popular, as the assortment seemed to be dwindling quickly! As soon as we returned home, the doll was out of the box, movie was in and the transformation took place with the help of some purple hair chalk!

Playing with Descendants Doll ~ Lynlee's

Watching Descendants ~ Lynlee'sMal Descendants outfit ~ Lynlee's

We also picked up an adorable purple and pink plaid dress at Walmart that matches perfectly! As you might have seen in the Sweet Threads: Summer Disney Trip post, I love putting themed outfits together for my daughter for both our Disney trips and at home. I love mixing a variety of clothing and accessories along with the actual licensed characters to give them a more original and unique look. Get creative when putting a Mal-inspired outfit together for your kiddos, from purple, pink and green accessories, winged and dragon-inspired jewelry and purple hair chalk!

Singing to Descendants ~ Lynlee's

It’s only been a couple of days, but the movie has already been watched several times! She just had a sleepover with a friend and the girls watched it twice in one evening, then had a Descendants-themed dance party! At least I know the money did not go to waste. Lol! And word on the street is there’s already a sequel in the works!!! In the meantime, I’m sure Anabelle will be working on memorizing every word and lyric to this one!

Do you have a favorite villain from your childhood or recent years?!


Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. We are obsessed with Descendants here too! Addison’s fave villains are The Evil Queen and Maleficent, Connor lives The Goblin and Ultron (he’s big into superheroes) and my favorite is Doctor Facilier from Tiana

    • Happy to hear we’re not the only ones! And from the looks of what was left in stores, it looks like there are plenty out there! 😉 Ooh, Dr. Facilier is a good one!!! I think I’ve gotta throw in some Ursula in there, too! :)

  2. I’ve grown very fond of Maleficent since her movie released last year, but my favorite Disney movie is The Jungle Book and there are SO many villains in that movie! I love King Louie. :) #client