Do You Want to Build a Frozen Easter Basket?

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Today is the first day of Spring, which means Easter is not far! Actually, it’s just a little over two weeks away, which is absolutely INSANE! It seems like it was just Wintertime and the entire country was FROZEN over! Okay, okay, that actually was the case for the majority of the country, but in my defense, we had a really mild Winter here in Vegas and the temperatures have been rising quickly ’round these parts.

Frozen Fun at Disneyland

If you haven’t heard of the tremendously popular Disney animated film, FROZEN, you must have been living under a rock… or perhaps a troll?! :) Kids {and adults!} have been mesmerized with the movie ever since it came out and my daughter, Anabelle, is no exception. She wore her Princess Anna dress at Disneyland for Halloween last year and as annual passholders, we’ve had the opportunity to extend the cold season and experience FROZEN FUN at the park recently, regardless of our local weather. Have you been?! We can’t wait to go back during Spring Break and to celebrate Easter at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Frozen Easter at Walmart

Since we’ll be at Disneyland, I thought it’d be super fun to do a FROZEN Easter basket this year! When Anabelle and I were at Walmart recently, we checked out all the FROZEN themed products in the Easter section and I had her make a wish list for the Easter Bunny. Can you tell she has a thing for Olaf?! In brainstorming how to make the motif more apt for Spring, I automatically thought of the trolls in the film and their little moss outfits. So, I went back on my own later and picked up several of items on her list, along with some additional creative treats and supplies to recreate the trolls out of Easter eggs! Make sure to scroll down to see the step-by-step tutorial to recreate this cute little guys!



Putting the FROZEN Easter basket together was super simple! Kids loves games and activities, which are especially handy when we are on our car trips {at least once a month to Disneyland!}. Anabelle had picked out several items, which I accentuated with some fun goodies relating to the story and its characters. I also added a couple of products from the toy aisle that I knew she’d love. I opted for the cute bucket to hold all the items because it could serve as a storage bin after the holiday, which is always a necessity in any home!




There was no doubt I had to include an Olaf in the mix, so I was debating if I should get the Olaf basket or stuffed animals she was hugging in the picture above, but then I spotted this new Olaf-a-Lot and fell in love with him! Errr… I mean, I knew SHE would fall in love with him! When you push his carrot nose in, he talks and his eyes go cross, he can sit or stand and when you remove his head and turn it upside down, he automatically knows it and it’s reflected in his humorous quotes!


Since Anabelle loves to color and draw, I thought this Color n’ Create Anna would be perfect, not only because it can be cuddled with, but also because the pens that come with it can be utilized to color directly onto the fabric, then it can be easily washed to start all over again!


The troll characters in the movie are just too cute and I thought they would be perfect for this Springtime theme. I made them myself to surprise Anabelle come Easter, but you could easily do this craft alongside your kiddos!

The following are the materials you will need:

♥  Decorating craft eggs

♥  Googly eyes

♥  Grey and white acrylic paint and brushes

♥  Pencil and permanent marker

♥  Moss mat

♥  Glue/glue gun

♥  Scissors


Step 1:

Paint your craft egg entirely with grey acrylic paint. Since it is fast drying, cover as much surface as you can while holding it and allow it to dry a bit. Once dry, you can paint the remainder of the egg where you were originally holding it.

Step 2:

Give the grey egg some texture by dipping your brush in just a tiny bit of white paint, wipe off most of it {on a paper or towel} then brushing over the egg in various strokes and directions. You want very faint paint strokes reflected on the egg.

Step 3:

With a pencil, faintly draw the outline of the troll’s nose and mouth.

Step 4:

Trace over your pencil marks with a permanent marker. Once you get the hang of it and if you feel confident, you can skip the pencil step! I always err on the side of caution and use a pencil first. But remember you can always paint over your mistakes!

Step 5:

Glue two googly eyes to the troll’s face, just above its nose.

Step 6:

With a very small brush, paint the troll’s teeth on the inside of its mouth. You can also utilize a white pen to draw the teeth. If necessary, re-trace the mouth with the permanent marker.


Step 7:

Cut a strip of the moss mat, approximately 1½” wide.

Step 8:

Shape it around the bottom of the egg and trim the moss strip to size.

Step 9:

Shape the moss strip into a ring and glue it together, making sure it fits snuggly around the bottom of the egg so that it doesn’t slip all the way through it. I utilized a glue gun to make sure it held together securely.

Step 10:

Take a small amount of moss, bunch it together, then glue it to the top of the troll’s head.

Repeat the process for as many trolls as you’d like and make sure to have fun and be creative with them! Change their facial expressions with alterations to the mouth and even accessorize them with string and beads! Kids would love making these egg trolls, so I made sure to save some to make with Anabelle come Easter!


Every year, the Easter Bunny picks a theme for our gift and I know Anabelle will be exceedingly happy when she wakes up to this adorable FROZEN Easter basket, just following our Disneyland trip! What are your plans this holiday season? Do you have any other FROZEN themed ideas to incorporate?


Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. These are great FROZEN ideas! we love Walt Disney World and used to have annual passes there but we moved far, far away. *sniff* We’re back in Florida now, but still 6.5 hours from Orlando! Craziness, right? Your rock troll eggs are PRECIOUS. I absolutely love them! #client

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