Gimme S’more Fondant Tutorial!

S'mores Fondant Tutorial ~ Lynlee's

Don’t you just adore the taste of a messy, gooey s’more?! I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of eating marshmallows alone, but warm it up, add it to a chocolate and graham cracker sandwich and I am all in! Though traditionally cooked on a stick over a fire in the outdoors, my family and I have been known to simply stick the marshmallow in the microwave to enjoy a s’more {or two!} during our indoor campouts in our living room as well.

To celebrate National S’mores Day on August 10th, I was inspired to re-create this delectable treat in fondant form! Follow the step-by-step tutorial to make a s’more of your own to top your cupcakes and treats on the Craftsy blog. Choose to make the ingredients separately or the entire s’more put together, melted chocolate and all!

S'mores Fondant Cupcake Toppers ~ Lynlee's

And here are S’MORE  ideas I’ve used in the past for a variety of different themed parties and celebrations:

Honey Bee S'mores ~ Lynlee's

I created these s’mores on a stick for our Silly Old Bear  party, which were super simple to make and didn’t require an open fire! By attaching the marshmallows to lollipop sticks with a bit of chocolate, I was able to dip them completely in chocolate and crushed graham crackers {use a rolling pin over graham crackers in a plastic zip bag to easily crush them}. And to dress them up for the presentation, I added a few sweet fondant bumble bees!

S'mores on a Stick ~ Lynlee's

For our Take a Hike  party a couple of years back, I followed similar steps to the s’mores on a stick above because I knew we wouldn’t be able to have a fire at the party location, except I wanted to make them manlier, since the party was for my dad for Father’s Day! Instead, I utilized the jumbo marshmallows and I didn’t dip them completely in the chocolate and graham crackers. Again, so easy to make and eat!

S'mores Bar ~ Lynlee's

Last year, we celebrated my dad’s 75th birthday with an Arizona Cowboy  party in honor of his western roots, growing up in Phoenix. We threw the party at the same park where we had my daughter’s Yee Haw, Cowgirl  party four years ago, which has covered wagon tables and fire pits! To take advantage of the fire pit, I created a S’mores Bar where guests could make their own sweet delicious sandwiches by offering all the ingredients in metal tin buckets. To add to the decor, I included burlap strips inside, but lined them with parchment paper so that the food wouldn’t be touching the burlap directly.

Hope you are inspired to make some yummy, ooey gooey treats of your own to have your guests begging for s’more!


Merci Beaucoup!

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