Baked with Love!

There has been a trend lately of dar­ling baking-themed par­ties, such as some of my adorable faves by Pas­sion for Par­ties, She’s Kinda Crafty and One Charm­ing Party! My daugh­ter, Anabelle, and I were so inspired to put together a sweet lit­tle play date to cel­e­brate Valentine’s Day with one of her BFF’s, Mikayla!
For the invi­ta­tion, I found the cutest “Lil’ Baker” clip art from Shel­ley at Print Magic (she was even so kind to revise the girls’ hair color to that match that of Anabelle and Mikayla!), which was attached to a heart-shaped wooden spoon from the dis­count bins at Tar­get. I used addi­tional images from this set, along with back­ground pat­terns so gra­ciously offered for free down­load by Print Can­dee, for the rest of the paper goods through­out the decor.
The table was set in the coor­di­nat­ing col­ors of pinks, white and browns with a burlap table­cloth and felt heart cut-out place­mats from Home Goods. I am in love with uti­liz­ing these place­mats for the bright col­ors and vari­ety of pat­terns, for even other, cre­ative uses, such as in my Silly Old Bear party last year where I attached sev­eral together to cre­ate a back­drop. I uti­lized beau­ti­ful cup­cake plates that my sister-in-law had given me a few years back, along with cup­cake mugs my mother had bought me (can you tell my friends and fam­ily spoil me with cupcake-related gifts?!), which were filled with choco­late milk and whipped cream. The girls were greeted with a set of oven mitts, aprons and chef hats adorned with cup­cake liner flow­ers. I first saw this adorable idea from One Charm­ing Party and fol­lowed a tuto­r­ial from Urban Com­fort to cre­ate my own! I added lit­tle rub­ber cup­cake pins found at Joann Fab­ric & Crafts. Lit­tle mason jars filled with spat­u­las (thank to a tip from Sugarbelle’s on Face­book!) and rolling pins were at each set­ting for when it came time to dec­o­rate their own cup­cakes and cookies.
My daughter’s kitchen set from Pot­tery Barn Kids was absolutely per­fect for the occa­sion and dis­played all the desserts, ingre­di­ents and favors!
Although Anabelle and Mikayla were going to dec­o­rate their own treats, I just had to make some of my own! I had orig­i­nally made chef hat cake pops for my dear friend, Natalie at South­ern Belle’s Charm for her son, Greyson’s pizza party last year. This time, I added pink flow­ers to match the girls’ hats and also made some cup­cake cake pops, while both were housed in mix­ing bowls with bak­ing ingre­di­ents of flour and “frost­ing”. Instead of uti­liz­ing sticks, I made the pops on these super sweet polka dot paper straws from Cakes and Kids. Just a cou­ple of days before, I saw the most dar­ling tuto­r­ial to make edi­ble cup­cake boxes from Sweet Sim­ple Stuff out of choco­late and meringue cook­ies and decided to try it and the result was absolutely pre­cious and perfect!
The rest of the fridge dis­played milk car­tons (from a tem­plate from A Lit­tle Hut), egg-shaped sugar cook­ies and marsh­mal­low bags. The favors were also housed here, includ­ing pas­tries of both felt and erasers from the Tar­get dis­count bins. I also ordered the most adorable brown lit­tle treat bags from Cakes and Kids, which car­ried the erasers, and pro­vided cup­cake boxes in which to carry them home.
The play oven dis­played some cup­cakes that I made with top­pers match­ing back to the adorable clip art. Bak­ing inside were the plain choco­late cup­cakes and sugar cook­ies, baked with love, of course, and wait­ing to be frosted and sprin­kled! I also found the cutest cupcake-shaped truf­fles in my local gro­cery store, which I included inside mea­sur­ing cups.
The sprin­kle sec­tion of the cup­cake bar was inspired by a pin by the fab­u­lous Jes­sica at Party Box Design on Pin­ter­est (orig­i­nally from Keuken­prinses), who also has some of the most dar­ling cup­cake invites and print­a­bles! I also made some cup­cake choco­lates on sticks, which I arranged in “I ♥ U” mini vases. The vanilla and straw­berry frost­ing for the sweets were packed into indi­vid­ual plas­tic cup­cake con­tain­ers found at Home Goods, which were per­fect for the girls to carry to their tables and spread some love!
One of my favorite aspects of par­ties these days are the photo ops and I was inspired by some bak­ery booths that I had seen from Pot­tery Barn Kids last year, as well as She’s Kinda Crafty’s lat­est party. For an easy-to-make prop, I sim­ply used an empty frame that my hus­band tied to some tree branches, and embell­ished it with addi­tional cup­cake liner flow­ers with the word “BAKERY” spelled out, inspired by the gor­geous ban­ner cre­ated by Natalie at South­ern Belle’s Charm with doilies and cof­fee fil­ters from our lat­est “Just My Type” Valen­tine collaboration!
Both Anabelle and Mikayla had an absolute blast dress­ing up in their chef hats and aprons, dec­o­rat­ing their good­ies (espe­cially with the sprin­kles ~ so glad we decided to do it out­side!) and gob­bling up the goodies!
The bak­ery win­dow did not dis­ap­point! How cute are these pho­tos of the girls show­ing off their cre­ations and treats?!

These days, we are so for­tu­nate to have access to so much inspi­ra­tion on the inter­net, in blogs and on Pin­ter­est. As you can see, I def­i­nitely took advan­tage of all the amaz­ing resources and tuto­ri­als out there! We had such a fun time “spread­ing the love”! Wish­ing you all a very sweet Valentine’s Day! ♥

Baked with Love Valentine Play Date Ideas ~ Lynlee's

Merci Beau­coup!

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    {If Anabelle needs a big sis­ter or a PiG, I’m avail­able for adop­tion!} ♥ Your lil’ Honey Ham

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    this is so cute ! I loved it all !
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    • Hi Olivia ~ Thank you so very much for your super sweet words! Quite hon­estly, the rolling pins for sim­ply for dec­o­ra­tion and a favor that the girls could take home. Hope this helps! ♥

  37. Thanks so much for your response. I looked into the kitchen from pot­tery barn as we got our first store in Syd­ney Aus­tralia recently but they no longer make the clas­sic kitchen. It’s beau­ti­ful. Your blog on the “baked with love” party is truly amaz­ing. Want to be lit­tle all over again :) look­ing for­ward to my daugh­ter grow­ing up for plenty of party’s. Thanks again. Xo


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