Fondant Lantern Tutorial for Chinese New Year Cupcakes!

So I’m pretty sure the biggest question on your mind these days with the approach of Lunar New Year is: Is this the year of the goat or the sheep?! 😉 I’m sorry to report that I don’t have a definitive answer for you. My friend Kris from kCreative also tried to resolve this conundrum with her… Read More »

I Foresee… a Fondant Fortune Cookie Tutorial!

Did you know that today is National Fortune Cookie Day?! To celebrate and send a fortune to your special someone, learn the simple steps to make fondant fortune cookies to top your cupcakes, cakes and delicious treats! Head on over to the Craftsy blog for my full step-by-step instructions to make your own fondant fortune… Read More »

What’s Your Sign? Chinese New Year Party

My grandmother’s birthday is at the end of the year and due to a combination of work and holiday craziness, I promised her a bigger celebration in conjunction with Chinese New Year, which this year falls on February 10th with the commencement of the Year of the Snake. Since my mother’s side of the family… Read More »