You Make My Heart Beat Valentine Fondant Topper Tutorial

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away… are you ready?! I’m certainly not! My daughter and I are still working on her classroom Valentines for her fellow students. Since she is not allowed to take homemade goodies to school, we are coming up with another non-edible idea, similar to the ex-STRAW-ordinary Valentines she gave out… Read More »

I’m Nuts and Bolts About You! Love Machine Fondant Tutorial

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away! Are you ready to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you?! When creating Valentines, it’s hard to stay from super girly designs, as hearts and love themes in general are usually a bit feminine, but I wanted to create something that would be… Read More »

It’s Groundhog Day! Predicting a Long, but Sweet Winter!

One of my dad’s absolute favorite movies is Groundhog Day {you know, the one where Bill Murray wakes up to the same day every morning} and can watch it every time he encounters it on television… which is often! It’s a classic that the whole fam loves to watch and that really introduced us to the… Read More »

Cutie Pie Fondant Cupcake Tutorial

My dad always recounts that his father {my grandfather} used to claim that he liked two kinds of pie: hot and cold! I’ve gotta say that I’m a little more particular about my pie, but I like all the usual suspects, especially the seasonal and traditional pies, such as good ‘ole fashioned apple pie and the Fall… Read More »

Honey Bee Mine: Valentine Fondant Cupcake Tutorial

A couple of seasons ago, I released a publication, Lynlee’s Vintage Valentines, containing the step-by-step instructions to create four sweet Valentine fondant cupcake toppers. Since it continues to be one of my most popular tutorials, I thought it would be fun to share the directions for the Honey Bee Mine fondant topper for your Valentine cupcakes this… Read More »

Lil’ Peanut Baby Shower Fondant Toppers

Do you have cute little nicknames for your children or those of your family and friends? My daughter’s started in utero when we didn’t yet know the gender and simply called her Peanut! As she was born and grew older, her nicknames have changed and evolved into inexplicable and shortened versions, but Peanut will always be… Read More »

Have a Merry Elfin’ Christmas with this Fondant Tutorial!

Elves are popular in our household, from one of our favorite holiday movies “Elf” to our beloved Chipmunk, our Elf on the Shelf! My daughter looks forward to Chipmunk’s return to our home all year long and has so much fun checking out his daily antics, ranging from simple to more elaborate set-ups. With a… Read More »

Guess WHOO’s Got an OWL-dorable Fondant Tutorial?!

We are in the midst of Fall, though it’s hard to tell with the current weather here in the US, as the majority of the country is blanketed in snow, while the West Coast temperatures seem to be higher than usual! But regardless of the present climate, Thanksgiving is a mere five days away and… Read More »

Gobble Up This Sweet Turkey Fondant Topper Tutorial!

Thanksgiving is coming up in just a little over two weeks {how is that possible?!} and we’ll be packing up to do our traditional travel to Northern California to spend the holiday with our family. I remember my daughter’s very first Thanksgiving at seven months old, which incidentally was also her very first plane ride.… Read More »

Argh-mazing Fondant Pirate Tutorial, Me Hearties!

Despite their nefarious behavior, there’s just something about pirates that intrigues children and adult alike. After many visits to Disneyland and countless rides, my daughter’s favorite one still remains the Pirates of the Caribbean! Between the catchy theme song to the extremely successful movie franchise, these crazy buccaneers somehow capture the hearts of us all!… Read More »