An American Girl in Paris Patisserie Baking Party

On New Year’s Eve of 2014, my daughter, Anabelle and I were glued to the television screen, as the new American Girl of the Year was being announced! Anabelle’s Gigi was the first to introduce her to the American Girl brand, bringing down her Aunt Carolyn’s childhood doll from the attic every time we came… Read More »

Break Out the Bubbly Preschool Graduation Party for Evite

I was beyond excited when I received an e-mail from inviting me to participate in the Top Party Pro contest and immediately accepted the invitation! I, along with three other contestants {and industry friends of mine!}, were given the task to style a preschool graduation party/table in only FIVE days! The themes available were… Read More »

Let’s All Go to the Lobby: Retro Movie Oscar Party Ideas

This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market, but as always, all ideas and opinions are my own! When I first arrived to my first semester of college at UC Berkeley, I had every intention of majoring in International Business. As I brainstormed some ideas for a fun, elective course, I came across a listing… Read More »

Retro Christmas Baking Dessert Table Sneak Peek!

This post is sponsored by Cost Plus World Market, but as always, all ideas and opinions are my own! Can you believe there’s just a little over a week left until Christmas?! I’m not even close to being done with my shopping, but I am happy to report I am all set with my holiday… Read More »

Christmas at Downton Garden Tea Party

This post is spon­sored by Cost Plus World Mar­ket, but as always, all ideas and opin­ions are my own! Just prior to Thanksgiving, I posted about my excitement in partnering with Cost Plus World Market to throw a Downton Abbey themed par-TEA, while simultaneously binge-watching all four seasons of the show, consequently generating both good and… Read More »

Anabelle’s Apple Cider and Bake Sale Stand!

This post is spon­sored by KitchenAid, but as always, all ideas and opin­ions are my own! Though lemonade stands are the classic Summertime experience for children of all ages, it seems that the entire motif just exploded in the party scene recently. From actual stands to fundraising events and even birthday party themes, it seems that… Read More »

Book of Life Party for the Day of the Dead

This post is sponsored by World Market, but as always, all ideas and opinions are my own! As soon as my family and I watched the previews for the upcoming FOX animated movie The Book of Life a few months back, the gorgeous colors, graphics and story line had us immediately hooked! Here’s a quick synopsis of the… Read More »

Anabelle’s Endless Summer Surf Party

I’m super excited to share the details of my daughter’s Endless Summer surf party for her 7th make-up/unbirthday! Ever since Anabelle was born, we’ve been throwing big parties when commemorating her special day. The celebrations, as well as my party planning skills, have evolved and developed throughout the years, from her very first Poodle in… Read More »

What Happens in Vegas…

Viva Las Vegas! Last November, my incredible grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday!!! What an amazing milestone! Everyone who meets her cannot believe her age because she looks so young, but also because she can usually be found partying it up at the Vegas casinos! Due to her affinity for gambling, we decided to celebrate with… Read More »

Let Me Take You to a Rio Party!

This past weekend, we celebrated my mother’s birthday with a Rio party! A couple of years ago, we commemorated my mom’s big day with a Pan Am party, harking back to her days working at the airline. Though last year’s vibe of her Namaste Spa was serene and tranquil, we decided to spice it up… Read More »