Scoop Up Some Melt-Free Fun with Ice Cream Cupcakes!

Scoops of Fun Ice Cream Cupcake Tutorial

Did you know that the entire month of July was National Ice Cream Month?! I sure hope you have taken full advantage of it! But really, who needs a dedicated month to enjoy such a treat?! Well, here in Vegas, we have had a typically hot Summer with temperatures at around 100* and while it could be a lot worse {like a couple of years ago when I was in the midst of writing my book and was shooting pictures outside in over 115*!}, things tend to melt quickly in the heat… especially ice cream! So I thought: why not combine the best of both worlds and make ice cream CUPCAKES?

Ice Cream Cupcake Baked Inside

How fun would these be to serve at a Summertime get-together, as an alternative to a cake at birthdays or even on April Fool’s Day?! I used the Tri-Color Coupler from Wilton {the same I had used at our American Girl in Paris party} to get the three different “flavors” of icing, added sprinkles and topped it with a sweet little cherry! Head over to the Craftsy blog where you will find the step-by-step tutorial to bake and decorate the ice cream cupcakes, the fondant instructions to re-create the cherry and additional tips and alternatives ideas.

Delicious Ice Cream Cupcake!

These ice cream cupcakes were taste-tested and daughter-approved… over and over again. 😉

Merci Beaucoup!

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