Let’s All Go to the Lobby: Retro Movie Oscar Party Ideas

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Let's All Go to the Lobby ~ Retro Movie Oscar Party Ideas ~ Lynlee's

When I first arrived to my first semester of college at UC Berkeley, I had every intention of majoring in International Business. As I brainstormed some ideas for a fun, elective course, I came across a listing for auditions to an introductory acting class in the Drama department. After a quick stop to the bookstore, I memorized a monologue, which I then performed at my audition, then consequently scurried to my dorm room where I cried at the thought of what a fool I had just made of myself! After much deliberation, I decided to go ahead and check the posted results and was dumbfounded at the discovery that I actually made it into the class! Fast forward through a few more acting classes and my university education took a drastic turn when I called my parents to declare that I intended to major in Dramatic Arts… to which my mother promptly replied: Don’t you like computers?! Well, as you have probably already deduced, my career path did not lead me to becoming a professional actress, but my love for drama has remained in television, movies, stage performances and, of course, life! lol!

Retro Movie Night Oscar Party Ideas ~ Lynlee's

With the 87th Academy Awards taking place this coming Sunday, February 22nd, I’m super excited to have partnered with Cost Plus World Market to provide ideas for a movie-themed table with entertaining essentials, as I love watching the Oscars and living vicariously through the nominees and winners! Since the viewing of the show is a family affair in our home, I wanted to come up with a fun and casual theme and decided on a Retro Movie Night. I was inspired by the classic animated commercial portraying the dancing snacks singing Let’s All Go to the Lobby and must admit I have been singing the song non-stop! Scroll down for some simple tips to create your own concession stand for your Oscar-viewing party or movie night, along with a superstar fondant cookie tutorial!

Retro Movie Night Popcorn ~ Lynlee's


For the food, I wanted to focus on the traditional snacks and goodies you would find at a classic concession stand and what is more synonymous with movies than popcorn?! Though Cost Plus World Market offers a large variety of popcorn, I picked up several bags of movie theater popcorn, along with the cheese and butter popcorn seasoning packs, served in adorable small popcorn boxes. I love these individual boxes that makes it so easy for each person to flavor their popcorn as they please! I also served hot dogs with condiments in mini squeeze bottles.

Retro Movie Night Party Ideas ~ Lynlee's

If you’re anything like me, I think you would agree that a crucial element to viewing a movie includes sweets! I put together a tray of traditional candies, including Red Vines, Maltesers, Truffle Cups, Kit Kats and Rolos, and also included Cola Sparkling Candy in storage tins dressed up as film reels. As soon as I saw the Message Cookie Cutter set, I knew they would be perfect to make some Superstar sugar cookies, which I covered in fondant and added wording {tutorial below}. This set is perfect for adding messages, names of movies and nominees and personalization! Utilize them on fondant or directly onto the cookies themselves prior to baking them. And for refreshments, I served cherry cola in vintage bottles with paper straws, but feel free to add more adult beverages for your entertaining needs!

Retro Movie Night Goodies ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Concession Stand Hot Dogs ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Concession Stand ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Concession Stand Snacks ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Concession Stand Drinks ~ Lynlee's


Once I settled on a retro movie theme and the concessions, I then focused on the decor. Serving items and dishes make a big impact on your table. The popcorn boxes and glass bottles played perfectly into the motif, which I then paired with red and white aluminum trays and a simple white rectangular platter. I used the large popcorn serving bowl to display some favors and activities, which incidentally is ideal for gift-giving! The backdrop was a simple insulation foam board, accentuated with wall letters spelling out the word EAT. I purchased adorable retro movie clip art from My Grafico to design food labels, as well as tags for the popcorn boxes and movie reel tins, then printed out larger versions of the dancing snacks to embellish the backdrop letters. I also made a little CONCESSIONS banner {click for the free printable!} for the front of the table with red and white twine. Adding colored twine to items, including the boxes, bottles and even the hot dogs adds that extra detail to your decorations. Finally, I added some film reel cases I had for some added interest!

Retro Movie Night Concession Stand Decor ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Dancing Popcorn Decor ~ Lynlee's


In the interest of keepin’ it real, I think we all admit that every now and then, there is a lull during the Academy Awards presentation, am I right?! While the opening number and subsequent beginning awards are fun and exciting, the show has a tendency of slowing down just a bit every now and then, so why not provide some fun little activities, especially for the kids! The View Master Classic is perfect to supply some entertainment, while also adding to the retro decor. I also designed a free printable Oscar Ballot for the 2015 show so that everyone can participate on casting their votes beforehand and keeping up with the winner throughout the show! And lastly, I just had to get the Silly Sippy Straw Glasses, which was such a hoot and worked perfectly!

Retro Movie Night Oscar Activities ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Oscar Ballot ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Silly Straw ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Concession Stand Ideas ~ Lynlee's

Retro Movie Night Popcorn Bowl ~ Lynlee's

How cute is the inside of the large popcorn bowl with this message?!

Movie Lovers Sweepstakes

Hope you have REEL good time watching the Oscars this year with your retro movie themed party! Scroll down for the simple tutorial for the Superstar sugar cookies and be sure to enter the World Market Movie Lovers Sweepstakes for a chance to win the following:

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Retro Movie Night/Oscar Party Concession Stand Ideas ~ Lynlee's

Superstar fondant cookie tutorial


Materials Needed:

♥  Sugar cookie dough {package or from scratch}

♥  Rolling pin

♥  Parchment paper and flour

♥  Message cookie cutter set

♥  Red fondant

♥  Fondant rolling pin with 1/8″ guide rings

♥  Candy pearls

♥  Water/edible glue and brush

♥  Ball tool

♥  Clear piping gel

Superstar cookie tutorial step 1

Prepare your mixture for your favorite sugar cookies {utilize a package or from scratch}, roll the batter out with a rolling pin onto parchment paper sprinkled with flour and utilize the large star cutter to cut out your cookies. Bake in the oven as directed.

Superstar tutorial step 2

Step 1:

Roll out red fondant on your work surface with the rolling pin and 1/8″ guide rings. Utilize the star cutter to punch out a large star the same size as your cookie.

Step 2:

Begin placing the pearl candies around the perimeter of the fondant star and pressing them down into the fondant, utilizing the ball tool to help. If necessary, apply a tiny bit of water/edible glue with the brush to make the pearl candies stick to the fondant.

Step 3:

While the Message Cookie Cutter set comes with pre-made messages {i.e. Happy Birthday, Thank You, etc.}, it also provides loose letters to create your own personalized notes. Pick out your desired letters and insert them into the holder, ensuring you are placing them in the correct order to be stamped! Press your message into the fondant, then glue the fondant star to the sugar cookie with the use of some clear piping gel.


Merci Beaucoup!

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