Cutie Pie Fondant Cupcake Tutorial

Cutie Pie fondant cupcake tutorial ~ Lynlee's

My dad always recounts that his father {my grandfather} used to claim that he liked two kinds of pie: hot and cold! I’ve gotta say that I’m a little more particular about my pie, but I like all the usual suspects, especially the seasonal and traditional pies, such as good ‘ole fashioned apple pie and the Fall favorite of  pumpkin pie. Regardless of the flavor, one thing’s for sure ~ it must be à la mode!

National Pie Day cupcake topper tutorial ~ Lynlee's

Today is National Pie Day and what better way to celebrate than with an adorable cupcake pie?! I made this cherry pie fondant cupcake with a whole lot of rolled fondant balls as the filling, but I am well aware that, very much like my grandfather’s pie taste, there are two kinds of people in this world: those who like the taste fondant and those simply do not! So, if are one of the latter, try utilizing chocolate or candies for the filling for an extra fun surprise and easily peel the fondant off, if desired. Head on over to the Craftsy blog for the full step-by-step tutorial to recreate this cutie pie fondant cupcake. And if you’re having a cherry-themed party, make the pie cupcake your centerpiece and simply replicate additional cherries for additional cupcakes! Happy {fondant} baking! ♥


Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. Love your work ,a labor of love. I am sure