Lil’ Peanut Baby Shower Fondant Toppers

Lil' Peanut baby shower fondant topper tutorial ~ Lynlee's

Do you have cute little nicknames for your children or those of your family and friends? My daughter’s started in utero when we didn’t yet know the gender and simply called her Peanut! As she was born and grew older, her nicknames have changed and evolved into inexplicable and shortened versions, but Peanut will always be the first for us and for many other parents-to-be. I was inspired by this pet name to create these sweet little fondant cupcake toppers, perfect for celebrating and welcoming a Lil’ Peanut {or two!} at a baby shower, gender reveal or sip-and-see party! I just love their little miniature pacifiers!

Binky Baby Fondant Topper Tutorial ~ Lynlee's

I previously shared a tutorial for my Binky Baby fondant toppers as a preview of one of the many designs included in my book, Sweet & Unique Cupcake Toppers, which continues to be extremely popular. And they would pair perfectly with the Lil’ Peanuts!

Lil's Peanut Cupcake Topper Tutorial ~ Lynlee's

Head over to the Craftsy blog for the full step-by-step tutorial to create these Lil’ Peanut fondant toppers of your own to welcome a sweet little baby to this world in the cutest way possible!


Merci Beaucoup!

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