Football Party Ideas for the Big Game!

This post is spon­sored by Evite and Coca-Cola, but as always, all ideas and opin­ions are my own!

FOOTBALL is big in our home. Ever since my daughter, Anabelle, was little, my husband tried to instill his love of the game in her! He would whisper you love football into her ear repeatedly, hoping his hypnotic, wishful words would be brought to fruition! Fast forward a few years and we continuously gather with friends and family to watch the games {especially a championship!} with Anabelle at our side. But like any event, it’s always a lot more fun when there’s a party involved!

Will you be hosting a football viewing party in honor of the Big Game, but need some last minute ideas? Well, this is your lucky day, as I’ve partnered with Evite and Coca-Cola to provide some high-scorin’ party inspiration for your own Home Bowl 2015, inclusive of invites, decor, food and, of course, dessert!

Evite Football Concession Stand

One of the most integral parts of a sports party is undoubtedly the food! Whatever the score, keep your guests happy with an adorably decorated concession stand, brimming with delicious game day goodies! Utilize individual paper bags and plastic baskets as an alternative for serving dishes, while offering utensils and napkins in a little galvanized bucket. Layer your display with crates, such as these delightful wooden Coca-Cola boxes and accentuate the background with a winning banner. Check out more party decor ideas where you can download the free printable banner for your own celebration!

Coca-Cola BBQ Wings

And now for the yummy part, sure to receive the biggest applause: the food! There’s nothin’ better than rooting for your team while enjoying mouth-watering snacks. Forego traditional chicken and surprise the cheering squad with these enticing Coca-Cola BBQ wings instead!

Game Day Snacks

Score big with additional goodies for sports fans to munch on, such as these chimichurri steak toppers, southwest avocado bean dip, sweet “burger” bites and OREO cookie ball football helmets! You know I adore me some clever and charming food ideas for my table! Get the recipes and more winning Game Day snack recipes from Coca-Cola and Nabisco for your in-home tailgate.

DIY Football Beverage Tub

Let’s not forget one must stay hydrated during a game, so why not serve up refreshments in a fun and thematic manner? Such a brilliant way to spruce up an otherwise ordinary display and the best part is that you can re-use it for years to come! Get the DIY instructions for the Game Day drinks tub to amaze your guests!

Big Game Evite Invitation

And if the clock ran out on mailing invitations, avoid a yellow flag faux pas by checking out Evite’s Big Game party invitation gallery, saving you time and worry with instantaneously-delivered invites! One of my favorite parts of electronic invitations is the ability to remind guests and collect their RSVP’s, which in this day and age, has become increasingly difficult!

Football Party Decor

No matter what team your guests are cheering for, these football party ideas are sure to get you a big shout! So, are you ready for some football?!

Football Party Ideas

Merci Beaucoup!

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