One Smart Cookie!

The school year is com­ing to an end, as is my daugh­ter, Anabelle’s preschool days! To thank her won­der­ful teach­ers for a fan­tas­tic year and all they have done to make her “one smart COOKIE”, we decided to gift them with cook­ies and milk! I really wanted some­thing with which Anabelle could help to make to feel like she was part of the process, so she aided in shop­ping for the con­tain­ers and bak­ing the cook­ies. We found the mini glass can­is­ters at Hobby Lobby and the mini plas­tic jugs at a local dis­count store (isn’t every­thing just so much cuter when it’s minia­ture?!). The jugs orig­i­nally came with lemon­ade, so we emp­tied them out and filled them with milk, but I have also seen these adorable plas­tic milk jugs at Gar­nish. I designed the tags with a cookie graphic from Cup­cake Cutiees, to which I added some cute glasses, and attached them, along with a sweet lit­tle ribbon!

Anabelle’s teach­ers were so excited with her gifts of grat­i­tude and it truly made it extra spe­cial that she baked the good­ies her­self! I really can’t believe that come Fall, I will be the mother of a kinder­garten stu­dent! I’m def­i­nitely going to MILK this Sum­mer for all it’s worth! ♥

Merci Beau­coup!

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