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Last year, I had the priv­i­lege of help­ing out one of my best friend, Har­riet, with her son’s third birth­day party. At the time, Noah just adored Thomas the Train, so we worked on his All Aboard party with a rail­road theme. As Noah was prepar­ing to turn four, his new obses­sion cen­tered around all things construction-related and thus, deter­mined the theme of his cel­e­bra­tion this year: a con­struc­tion party! I designed the invi­ta­tion with graph­ics from Lit­tle Fairy Land and prints from Woofy World, which set the tone for the party and were just per­fect, as the lit­tle con­struc­tion guy resem­bled Noah so much!

The party was held at an indoor play­ground called Peek­a­boo Play­land, which pro­vided an amaz­ing set­ting. The food and desserts were placed all on one table, which was anchored by large paper mache let­ters spelling out Noah’s name and tied together with ropes as if it were still being built, along with a tiered tray of cup­cakes! I made construction-themed fon­dant top­pers to adorn the cup­cakes, but because the guest list was fairly large, we decided to dec­o­rate them with both fon­dant and paper top­pers. The lat­ter were also designed uti­liz­ing the coor­di­nat­ing graph­ics. This is a great way to not only pro­vide diver­sity in the cup­cake pre­sen­ta­tion, but also to keep down costs. Though I made sure to make enough fon­dant dec­o­ra­tions for all the kids to avoid any arguments!

To achieve a more indus­trial look, I pur­chased some tex­tured foam tiles for the table from Big Lots. Along with the gal­va­nized trays and buck­ets, I also used some trucks and toys to present the food, which con­sisted of “break time sand­wiches”, “exca­vat­ing empanadas”, “wreck­ing potato balls” and “nuts and bolts fruit salad”. I had found a cir­cu­lar saw made out of wood at Hobby Lobby and decided to paint it sil­ver and glue it to a can­dle­stick, which turned out to be a cute lit­tle stand! We cut out some parch­ment paper to put on it and dec­o­rated it “spare tire donuts” and “choco­late con­struc­tion hats”. The “stuck-o & cement pizza” was served directly to the kids at their tables.

I inserted decor all along the table and the counter behind it relat­ing back to the theme, inclu­sive of mini hard hats, cones and flash­lights. Addi­tional use of tool boxes aided in hold­ing nap­kins and extra uten­sils and drinks were found at the “fuel­ing station”.

I couldn’t be hap­pier with the table set­ting for the kid­dos… I mean, con­struc­tion work­ers! The loca­tion had two pic­nic tables with benches and we mim­ic­ked the food table with the foam tiles and added plates and orange cone cups from Cel­e­brate Express. The fab­u­lous ladies work­ing there laid out the con­struc­tion hats on the benches and were ready for the crew to put on and get to work! And by the way, we really appre­ci­ated their help in set­ting up, as we only had 15 min­utes to do so! I picked up some yel­low tool belt attach­ments, which we used to hold the plas­ticware and pro­vided some extra fun details.

The favors were prob­a­bly my favorite aspect of the party! I was orig­i­nally plan­ning on uti­liz­ing lit­tle metal buck­ets to store the gifts, but when brows­ing the aisles of the 99c Only Store for ideas, I found the per­fect plas­tic tool boxes for, well, 99 cents! I designed the thank you tag to fit into a plas­tic i.d. badge holder and attached it to a match­ing striped lan­yard. Inside the tool­box, the guests work­ers found tools, a cou­ple of con­struc­tion vehi­cles and adorable bub­bles in the shape of a con­struc­tion guy ~ all found at The Dol­lar Tree!

I was so grate­ful to not only have had the oppor­tu­nity to plan yet another birth­day for Noah, but to be there with my fam­ily to help him cel­e­brate another amaz­ing year with a con­struc­tion party! Noah and my daugh­ter, Anabelle are just THE cutest together and we are so extremely thank­ful to have him (and his par­ents) in our lives! We are hon­ored to be part of his crew! ♥

Construction Party ~ Lynlee's

Merci Beau­coup!

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  1. You con­structed a per­fect cel­e­bra­tion, Sweet Cakes! LoVe all the lil’ details and so appre­ci­ate the “penny pinch­ing” ideas! ♥ HH

  2. Lyn­lee, this is awe­some!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No detail spared– lov­ing the cir­cu­lar saw stands, the tool­box favors, the fon­dant tools. You are AMAZING!!!! My favorite con­struc­tion party ever!

  3. Such and adorable party!!! And you never miss a detail…love every last amaz­ing detail!!!

  4. I love it!!

  5. COME ON!!! I LOVE IT!!! First, can we talk about the GENIUS exten­sion cord top­pers in the shape Ns?!?! Dying. And the cir­cu­lar saw stands!!!!!!!

  6. just adorable„ espe­cially those cute lit­tle tool boxes„,

    great job Lynlee„

  7. Girly… what can I say that I haven’t?! It’s just per­fectly awesome!!!!!

  8. Wow! I love your design and of course those cup­cake top­pers are amaz­ing! I am super impressed that you put this all together at an indoor play place and with such a small amount of time. :)

  9. Love it! You did a fab­u­lous job of course! Lovin’ the kid table — you are so talented!

  10. SUPER CUTE!!!! Great job!!!

  11. I LOVE it Lyn­lee!!!!! I agree with the oth­ers, there was no detail left out here — every­thing is per­fec­tion!! 😀 I’m TOTALLY “dig­gin” it my friend! you have an amaz­ing skill and eye for detail!

  12. Lyn­lee, this party is the CUTEST party!!! I love the theme and all the great details. How much fun it must have been for all the kids! You’re the BEST!♥

  13. You are ridic! LOVE you and all you touch!

  14. Can i ask how you did the drink cones?

  15. where did you buy the tiered gal­va­nized cup­cake stand and the foam squares that you use as “Table runner”?

    • I pur­chased the cup­cake stand at Home Goods a few years back, but I know they also carry sim­i­lar ones in stores like Pot­tery Barn and on-line. The foam squares were pur­chased at a Big Lots store. :)

  16. Yajaira Casacuberta says:

    Where did you get the ID badge with black and yel­low strips!? I am work­ing on get­ting my boys con­struc­tion birth­day party and your web­site is full with tons of ideas. I am also look­ing for the plas­tic tool box hope­fully the Dol­lar tree still have ti in stock!

    Thank you so much
    Yajaira Cascuberta

    • Hi Yajaira! I made/designed the ID badges with the clip art I pur­chased from the ven­dors Lit­tle Fairy Land and Woofy World (links in the post). Good luck with the tool boxes! Def­i­nitely check out the Dol­lar Tree AND the 99c Only Stores! Hope this helps! :)

      • Thank you! I had vis­ited about six Dol­lar tree stores here around my town in NJ and not luck find­ing the bub­bles and the tool boxes! but, I did find the tool boxes online for $6.99 ouch! i like the .99 cents price bet­ter LOL Thank you so much, love the con­struc­tion birth­day theme get­ting lots of ideas from your post, thank you again 😉

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