Under Construction Party!

Last year, I had the privilege of helping out one of my best friend, Harriet, with her son’s third birthday party. At the time, Noah just adored Thomas the Train, so we worked on his All Aboard party with a railroad theme. As Noah was preparing to turn four, his new obsession centered around all things construction-related and thus, determined the theme of his celebration this year: a construction party! I designed the invitation with graphics from Little Fairy Land and prints from Woofy World, which set the tone for the party and were just perfect, as the little construction guy resembled Noah so much!

The party was held at an indoor playground called Peekaboo Playland, which provided an amazing setting. The food and desserts were placed all on one table, which was anchored by large paper mache letters spelling out Noah’s name and tied together with ropes as if it were still being built, along with a tiered tray of cupcakes! I made construction-themed fondant toppers to adorn the cupcakes, but because the guest list was fairly large, we decided to decorate them with both fondant and paper toppers. The latter were also designed utilizing the coordinating graphics. This is a great way to not only provide diversity in the cupcake presentation, but also to keep down costs. Though I made sure to make enough fondant decorations for all the kids to avoid any arguments!

To achieve a more industrial look, I purchased some textured foam tiles for the table from Big Lots. Along with the galvanized trays and buckets, I also used some trucks and toys to present the food, which consisted of “break time sandwiches”, “excavating empanadas”, “wrecking potato balls” and “nuts and bolts fruit salad”. I had found a circular saw made out of wood at Hobby Lobby and decided to paint it silver and glue it to a candlestick, which turned out to be a cute little stand! We cut out some parchment paper to put on it and decorated it “spare tire donuts” and “chocolate construction hats”. The “stuck-o & cement pizza” was served directly to the kids at their tables.

I inserted decor all along the table and the counter behind it relating back to the theme, inclusive of mini hard hats, cones and flashlights. Additional use of tool boxes aided in holding napkins and extra utensils and drinks were found at the “fueling station”.

I couldn’t be happier with the table setting for the kiddos… I mean, construction workers! The location had two picnic tables with benches and we mimicked the food table with the foam tiles and added plates and orange cone cups from Celebrate Express. The fabulous ladies working there laid out the construction hats on the benches and were ready for the crew to put on and get to work! And by the way, we really appreciated their help in setting up, as we only had 15 minutes to do so! I picked up some yellow tool belt attachments, which we used to hold the plasticware and provided some extra fun details.

The favors were probably my favorite aspect of the party! I was originally planning on utilizing little metal buckets to store the gifts, but when browsing the aisles of the 99c Only Store for ideas, I found the perfect plastic tool boxes for, well, 99 cents! I designed the thank you tag to fit into a plastic i.d. badge holder and attached it to a matching striped lanyard. Inside the toolbox, the guests workers found tools, a couple of construction vehicles and adorable bubbles in the shape of a construction guy ~ all found at The Dollar Tree!

I was so grateful to not only have had the opportunity to plan yet another birthday for Noah, but to be there with my family to help him celebrate another amazing year with a construction party! Noah and my daughter, Anabelle are just THE cutest together and we are so extremely thankful to have him (and his parents) in our lives! We are honored to be part of his crew! ♥

Construction Party ~ Lynlee's

Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. You constructed a perfect celebration, Sweet Cakes! LoVe all the lil’ details and so appreciate the “penny pinching” ideas! ♥ HH

  2. Lynlee, this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No detail spared– loving the circular saw stands, the toolbox favors, the fondant tools. You are AMAZING!!!! My favorite construction party ever!

  3. Such and adorable party!!! And you never miss a detail…love every last amazing detail!!!

  4. I love it!!

  5. COME ON!!! I LOVE IT!!! First, can we talk about the GENIUS extension cord toppers in the shape Ns?!?! Dying. And the circular saw stands!!!!!!!

  6. just adorable,, especially those cute little tool boxes,,,

    great job Lynlee,,

  7. Girly… what can I say that I haven’t?! It’s just perfectly awesome!!!!!

  8. Wow! I love your design and of course those cupcake toppers are amazing! I am super impressed that you put this all together at an indoor play place and with such a small amount of time. :)

  9. Love it! You did a fabulous job of course! Lovin’ the kid table — you are so talented!

  10. SUPER CUTE!!!! Great job!!!

  11. I LOVE it Lynlee!!!!! I agree with the others, there was no detail left out here – everything is perfection!! 😀 I’m TOTALLY “diggin” it my friend! you have an amazing skill and eye for detail!

  12. Lynlee, this party is the CUTEST party!!! I love the theme and all the great details. How much fun it must have been for all the kids! You’re the BEST!♥

  13. You are ridic! LOVE you and all you touch!

  14. Can i ask how you did the drink cones?

  15. where did you buy the tiered galvanized cupcake stand and the foam squares that you use as “Table runner”?

    • I purchased the cupcake stand at Home Goods a few years back, but I know they also carry similar ones in stores like Pottery Barn and on-line. The foam squares were purchased at a Big Lots store. :)

  16. Yajaira Casacuberta says:

    Where did you get the ID badge with black and yellow strips!? I am working on getting my boys construction birthday party and your website is full with tons of ideas. I am also looking for the plastic tool box hopefully the Dollar tree still have ti in stock!

    Thank you so much
    Yajaira Cascuberta

    • Hi Yajaira! I made/designed the ID badges with the clip art I purchased from the vendors Little Fairy Land and Woofy World (links in the post). Good luck with the tool boxes! Definitely check out the Dollar Tree AND the 99c Only Stores! Hope this helps! :)

      • Thank you! I had visited about six Dollar tree stores here around my town in NJ and not luck finding the bubbles and the tool boxes! but, I did find the tool boxes online for $6.99 ouch! i like the .99 cents price better LOL Thank you so much, love the construction birthday theme getting lots of ideas from your post, thank you again 😉

  17. Lauren Love says:

    Beautiful party. The invitation link is not working. Do you still have the file saved from when you made his? I would be willing to pay you to send the file or to add in my son’s name.