Mother Hen Brunch

Mother’s Day is in a cou­ple of weeks and what a fun way to cel­e­brate with a brunch hon­or­ing the Mother Hen that lov­ingly watches over her chicks in the chicken coop?! I orig­i­nally styled this shoot for the Spring/Summer issue of Bird’s Party Mag­a­zine uti­liz­ing the adorable and coor­di­nat­ing print­a­bles from Bird’s Party.
The over­all feel was that of a rus­tic farm­house, cou­pled with strong and vibrant pops of red and yel­low and polka dots. I infused nat­ural ele­ments, such as hay and wood crates through­out the table and uti­lized them to dis­play the dif­fer­ent food and offer­ings. The use of burlap added to the vibe in the table­cloth, as well as the food labels, which were backed with the fab­ric and glued to wooden sticks. To aid in stand­ing them up, I decided to make mini burlap bags to resem­ble chicken feed and filled them with rice so that I could eas­ily insert the sticks. I also wanted to use chicken wire in dif­fer­ent ele­ments on the table, which is espe­cially promi­nent in the frame hold­ing the ban­ner let­ters with clothes­pins. The chicken wire was spray painted black and sta­pled to the back of the frame.
It was def­i­nitely a depar­ture for me to style a table that wasn’t extremely sym­met­ri­cal! I found this great post from Chris Nease at Cel­e­bra­tions at Home out­lin­ing some basics to cre­at­ing dessert tables and was inspired by Chris’ advice for putting together “eclec­tic and asym­met­ri­cal” dis­plays, which really lent itself to the coun­try decor. I imple­mented sev­eral tips and really enjoyed uti­liz­ing my cre­ative skills to put it all together!
I wanted the food to essen­tially be a bite-sized brunch buf­fet with a coun­try menu. The cereal bar included fruit and gra­nola top­pings inside plas­tic con­tain­ers pur­chased at Michaels to resem­ble chicken coops.The indi­vid­ual cereal cups were embell­ished with burlap and rib­bon and filled with plain cereal so that top­pings and milk could be eas­ily added.
I filled push pop con­tain­ers from Cupkate’s Event Design with yogurt straw­berry par­faits and topped them off with fon­dant hatch­ing chicks!
The ham dev­iled eggs were dis­played in ceramic egg crates from both Home Goods and Tar­get. I re-used the white crate from the Easter Egg Hunt party and pur­chased the addi­tional red one to add color to the presentation.
The mini egg and bacon pani­nis sat upon a red, rus­tic cake stand I had picked up at Hobby Lobby on clear­ance months ear­lier think­ing it would be per­fect for a barn­yard party in the future! Mini bis­cuits and sausage skew­ers sat upon ramekins filled with gravy to make it easy to dip and eat with­out the need for silverware.
Hard-boiled eggs were found in a tall, embell­ished hur­ri­cane vase, which also served as coor­di­nat­ing decor. The straw­berry muffins were topped with but­ter­scotch nests and fon­dant hens and eggs. And lastly, straw­berry pie pops and choco­late flow­ers and eggs added more sweet­ness and com­pleted the table.
Fresh milk and orange juice were offered on a sep­a­rate table in glass jars to be poured into embell­ished mason jars.
The favors were all found at Michaels and included teapot egg timers, whisks and color-coordinating but­tons in small wooden bas­kets for the moth­ers and the rest of the guests would be able to go home with choco­late eggs, dis­played sep­a­rately in recipe boxes.
This shoot was really fun and whim­si­cal that not only allowed me to play around and step out­side the box with my styling skills, but also pro­vided a great oppor­tu­nity to bond with the Mother Hens in my coop! How for­tu­nate am I to have FOUR gen­er­a­tions of chicks in the fam­ily?! Wish­ing all you Mama Hens a Happy Mother’s Day! ♥


Merci Beau­coup!

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  1. You are seri­ously a fon­dant and styling genius! I adore this party and want to squeeze those lit­tle chicks in the push pops (in the kind­est way pos­si­ble, of course!) I wish you were closer .. you could teach me soooo much! hugs

  2. The details are gor­geous and the food looks delish :)

  3. Lyn­lee your details are so incred­i­bly cute, I love how you used burlap on tags and ban­ners and even lit­tle bags. And the color com­bi­na­tion is fab­u­lous! Your fon­dant hens are the cutest thing ever and I can go on and on =)

  4. I tweeted and pinned this! Fab­u­lous! I think it would be so cute for a gen­der nue­tral baby shower. Fun, fun, fun!

    Green Kan­garu Events

  5. AWESOME, and I loved see­ing you and the gen­er­a­tions of your beau­ti­ful fam­ily!!
    Thanks you again for includ­ing me in your stun­ning party!! 😀

  6. you have a won­der­ful gift… beau­ti­ful parties!!


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