Miss Piggy in Paris!

Since there is a Muppets revival recently with the release of the new movie at the end of the month, I was inspired to throw a Miss Piggy party, which seemed fitting to celebrate my grandmother’s birthday, as both ladies are extremely posh, chic and glamorous! We also have a special place in our heart for pigs, as several members of our family were born in the year of the pig according the Chinese calendar, which is a part of our heritage. In the upcoming film, Ms. Piggy is working as an editor for French Vogue and I wanted to incorporate fashion, glam and Paris in the details. I’ve seen a lot of parties centered around the classic Barbie silhouette and I thought it would be fun to utilize the same concept. I asked Michele at Intrigue Design Studio to design a silhouette of Miss Piggy, which I also paired with a Chanel-inspired houndstooth pattern and floral graphics from Cupcake Cutiees. The party debuted on Amy Atlas, but read on for additional new photos and more details!

I designed the invites to resemble magazine subscription inserts ~ yes, the annoying ones that always fall out when you’re trying to read them!

Since the party was taking place in Miss Piggy’s Vogue Closet, I actually set it up in my daughter’s room and utilized her dresser to set up the dessert table. I infused a bit of green throughout to symbolize Kermit the Frog, which also worked well with the light green walls. I created food tags to highlight the “Editor’s Picks”.
The center of the dessert table included Ms. Piggy’s “Top Looks”, showcasing outfits and accessories with fondant on sugar cookies. In a black ornate frame, I carved Miss Piggy’s silhouette out of rice krispy treats and decorated it with fondant and her pearl necklace with flower, matching the graphics. I also made chocolate Eiffel Tower pops and lipstick cake pops displayed in push pops containers from Cupkate’s Event Design. Scattered throughout the table were some strawberry cupcakes with black fondant decor. Lastly, in a jewelry box and nestled within pearl gumballs and chocolate pearl candies were pearl and rock candy rings that I made (adapted from a Martha Stewart tutorial), along with a fondant flower brooch.
I had accessories and props available to take glam cover shots, including sunglasses, pearl necklaces and floral pins. I found a chocolate mold for piggy snouts, which were not only great to give away with the favors, but also served as additional photo props! The favor bags included piggy bath salts, notepads and lipstick pens, bubble measuring tape and green Kermit lip gloss.

As you can see, we had a fabulous time posing for our magazine pictures! It was truly such a fun theme that can truly apply to any age! Who’s excited to see the new Muppets movie? MOI!

Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. LOVE it Lynlee!! Fabulous job!!!!!

  2. Beyond LOVE!!!

  3. Too fricken cute Lynlee!!!! LOVE!

  4. The party is fabulous all around, but wow, you have to tell us more about those ring candies!! Brilliant!

  5. So cute!!!

  6. Just beyond fabulous! Lipstick push pops?!?! SO GREAT!!!

  7. This is such an adorably creative party!

  8. Thank you oh-so very much for ALL your sweet and kind comments!!! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it! ♥

  9. So creative! I adore the sugar cookies propped up on plate holders!

  10. Is there No end we will not attempt to go to when putting our FULL selves into doing our BEST for them. I’m sure your little one does/will always know the love you have for her by what you have done for her..such creativity. Someday she will will expand on what foundation you are building..blessing 2 u & Ur’s

  11. Love it so beautiful!!!!!

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  13. Vraiment magnifique ! Bravo !

  14. Those Eiffel Tower pops are amazing!