What’s in a Gnome?

My family and I had been watching the animated movie “Gnomeo and Juliet” recently and I was inspired by all the fun and gaudy lawn decorations featured in the movie! We decided to invite friends over for some some snacks, desserts and “fun in the sun” activities!

2B or not 2B?! The story of Gnomeo and Juliet is based on the classic Shakespeare play, but set in the lawns of two families… of gnomes… on Verona Drive! The decor followed this premise from gnome hats to pinwheels and all things lawn-related!

The dessert table was centered by cupcakes and a lawn flamingo, separating the blues’ (Montagues) and the reds’ (Capulets) houses/lawns. I utilized some turned over galvanized pails, as well as grass coasters to display the cupcakes, which were set inside grass cupcake liners.

Aside from cupcakes, I also made daisy flower cookies and topiary cake balls. Throughout the table, I utilized little watering cans and pots with little plant markers to label the food, which was set in a variety of containers, such as vases, miniature shovels and flower candle holders. I designed the paper goods with adorable graphics from Dreamloft and the backdrop was a piece of artificial grass with “G+J” inside a heart “mowed” into it. I added some extra decorations with pinwheels and lawn toadstools, as well as coordinating candy in umbrella containers.

We also had an ice cream “gnome” bar (with cones dressed in gnome hats – template from Martha Stewart), as well as a snow cone machine to make “snow gnomes”, to help us stay cool!
The beverages were set inside galvanized tubs (watering cans) and the signs differentiated the adult and child beverages.
I found a great idea from The Party Animal to have lawn mower races (like events in the movie) and was able to find lawn mowers that blew bubbles! We also had “weed killer spray guns” for water play!
Like the original Shakespeare classic, Gnomeo and Juliet teaches us about the senselessness of feuding, overcoming obstacles for true love and begs the eternal question: Can’t we all just get along?! We certainly did and have a fabulous time doing so!!!

Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. Love it, such great ideas! This is my sons favorite movie. Thanks for the inspirations.

  2. Love this my daughter can’t get enough of this movie!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness. Thank you soooo much for posting this Im preparing for my daughters first birthday in a few months and Ive been wanting to do this theme cause its her all time favorite movie and I had no clue where to start because I felt that it would be boyish and you made it so adorable Im completely excited for it now. Thank you again(:

    • Oh, Kristin! I am so happy to hear your were able to get inspired for your daughter’s upcoming party! We also adore the movie! Good luck with everything and thank you for your sweet words! ♥

  4. I am working on a Gnomeo and Juliet party right now for my son…do you sell any of your printables? Everything is awesome! So magical, I love it all!!