Peek-a-BOO with this Halloween Ghost Cupcake Tutorial!

Peek-a-BOO ghost fondant cupcake tutorial ~ Lynlee's

Can you believe Hal­loween is a mere TWO weeks away?! While my daughter’s cos­tume is pretty much done, we still have a lot of hol­i­day prepa­ra­tions com­ing up, includ­ing this year’s Trunk or Treat event {did you check out last year’s Char­lie Brown theme?} and cup­cakes for her class­room cel­e­bra­tion. Her teacher usu­ally sends an… Read More »

Sweet Melody Musical Fondant Tutorials

Lynlee's Musical Fondant Topper Tutorials

Music is such an essen­tial part of people’s lives, don’t you agree?! Not a minute goes by where I don’t have a song in my head. I wake up every morn­ing with a melody play­ing, whether it’s a cur­rent pop­u­lar song I’ve been hear­ing on the radio or a mem­ory of one of my favorites or,… Read More »

Moo-ve Over for an Udder-ly Adorable Cow Tutorial

Fondant Cow Cupcake Tutorial ~ Lynlee's

When we lived in South­ern Cal­i­for­nia, we would always take car trips up north to visit our fam­i­lies, which meant an inevitable nose-pinching pass through the “stinky cows”, as my daugh­ter used to call them. And then we would joke that it smelled like Daddy!  ;)  Now that we live in the desert, we don’t… Read More »

Sweet Tooth Fairy Fondant Tutorial

Tooth Fairy Cupcake Topper

My daugh­ter, Anabelle, lost her first tooth a cou­ple of years ago when she was five and so began our rela­tion­ship with the mag­i­cal Tooth Fairy! There are a vari­ety of tra­di­tions that fam­i­lies fol­low for their tooth trans­ac­tions and it’s worth think­ing about early on so that items can be made/ordered that will make… Read More »

Head Back to School as the Teacher’s Pet!

School fondant toppers

Have your kid­dos headed back to school yet? My daugh­ter starts school on Mon­day and we just attended her school func­tion where she found out who her new teacher will be and who’s in her class! It’s always a nerve-wracking time in a kid’s life… won­der­ing what the teacher is going to be like and… Read More »

A Mess-Free Fondant Ice Cream Sandwich Tutorial

Ice Cream Sandwich Cupcake ~ Lynlee's

There are fewer things bet­ter on a hot Sum­mer day than an ice cream sand­wich, espe­cially here in Las Vegas where the days are lit­er­ally scorch­ing! I mean, refresh­ing ice cream on its own is heaven, but sand­wich it between two cook­ies… seri­ously the best! I have to say I’m par­tial to the ones made… Read More »

Gimme S’more Fondant Tutorial!

S'mores Fondant Cupcake Toppers ~ Lynlee's

Don’t you just adore the taste of a messy, gooey s’more?! I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of eat­ing marsh­mal­lows alone, but warm it up, add it to a choco­late and gra­ham cracker sand­wich and I am all in! Though tra­di­tion­ally cooked on a stick over a fire in the out­doors, my fam­ily… Read More »

Antsy Watermelon Fondant Tutorial

Watermelon fondant cupcake toppers ~ Lynlee's

My dad always asks my daugh­ter, “Anabelle, what’s bet­ter than water­melon?” to which she always replies, “NOTHING”!!! Need­less to say, we are all huge fans of this juicy fruit and it is a con­stant sta­ple in our diet, espe­cially in the sum­mer­time. Because ants find refresh­ing water­melon as irre­sistible as we do, in most cases, they… Read More »

Summer Grillin’ with a Sizzling Fondant Tutorial

Fondant hamburger and hot dog tutorial ~ Lynlee's

- Who’s ready to do some Sum­mer­time grillin’ with a siz­zling ham­burger and hot dog?! I have to admit that I’ve never really grilled any­thing on the bar­be­cue before. Back in high school, I decided to fry up some pot­stick­ers with my lit­tle brother, Les, and let’s just say it didn’t go so well… as… Read More »

A Snappy Fondant Lobster Tutorial

Lobster fondant cupcake topper ~ Lynlee's

He’s her lob­ster!  Remem­ber that episode from the Friends  series?! You know… the one where they dis­cuss how lob­sters mate for life? If you don’t, no wor­ries. I have come to terms with the fact that not every­one was as big a Friends  fan as I was, espe­cially when our home was robbed years ago and they took every sin­gle… Read More »