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Everyday We're Guzzlin' Nestle Pure Life Water ~ Lynlee's


Though it is already October, temperatures here in Las Vegas are still in the 80’s and 90’s!!! Even though fall has arrived and the forecast finally dipped under 100’s, it will still continue to be extremely warm here in the desert. I’m doing everything I can to make sure my family stay hydrated! As summer was just beginning, I was reading suggestions from licensed dietitian and nutritionist Robin Plotkin and one tip really stood out to me:

Lead by example. Each time Mom or Dad goes for a drink of water, ask your children if they’d like a drink of water, too. Soon, it will be the kids asking the parents if they’d like to join them for a water break.

Seems so obvious, right? But the fact was, that my husband and I were still consuming ridiculous amounts of soda. Consequently we were leading by the wrong example! Though my daughter, Anabelle, was not allowed to drink any caffeinated beverages, she still opted for sugary drinks when we did. So we, as a family, made a commitment to switch to drinking water. It has made such a huge difference in our everyday lives. I can honestly say that I now find myself craving ice-cold water!

Everyday We're Guzzlin Neste Pure Life School Lunch

Anabelle has already been back in school for almost two months, which means we’ve returned to our daily routine of school and swim team practice. My mornings consist of packing her lunch and making sure she has plenty of water for her school day. Especially, with recess and P.E. taking place outdoors in this heat, I want to make sure she’s properly hydrated throughout the school day!

Nestle Pure Life at Walmart

At the start of the year, I decided to send my daughter off to school with two bottles of water, so she can have one at her desk throughout the day, and one in her lunch box. In preparation, we headed to Walmart to pick up back to school supplies and necessities. Anabelle wanted cute little bottles that would match her backpack and lunch box, so we purchased refillable plastic containers, along with Nestlé® Pure Life® Water. I picked up the 1 gallon jugs for her lunches, as well as the 28 packs of the 16.9 fl.oz. bottles for on-the-go excursions and swim practice.

Everyday We're Guzzlin Nestle Pure Life Water at the Pool ~ Lynlee's

As soon as the school day ends and we’re headed to swim team practice, it’s usually the hottest part of the day! Ordinarily, Anabelle practices at an indoor pool, which is shielded from the sun, but is kept very warm for the swimmers. Honestly, it’s like sitting in a sauna for a couple of hours every day! My husband and my dad come with us to every practice and we are always sweating our behinds off, especially in the Winter when the heat is turned up. Last month, our normal pool was undergoing maintenance, so we were at an outdoor pool… in the sun… in 100º heat! Yikes! So, before school I picked up more Nestlé® Pure Life® Water, along with healthy snacks to allow her to refuel, making sure she stays hydrated and energized for practice.

Everyday We're Guzzlin Nestle Pure Life Water at Swim Practice ~ Lynlee's

Everyday We're Guzzlin Nestle Pure Life Water & After School Snacks ~ Lynlee's

Everyday We're Guzzlin Nestle Pure Life Water Swimmer ~ Lynlee's

Everyday We're Guzzlin Nestle Pure Life Water at Swimming~ Lynlee's

Everyday We're Guzzlin Nestle Pure Life Water Swimming ~ Lynlee's

Everyday We're Guzzlin Nestle Pure Life Water when Swimming~ Lynlee's

In my effort to ensure my family stay healthy and hydrated, I became acquainted with Nestlé® Pure Life®. Nestlé® Pure Life® is a proud supporter of the Partnership for a Healthier America’s Drink Up initiative, who is committed to helping families make healthier choices, starting with hydration. In the endeavor to instill healthy habits in early childhood to develop lifelong benefits, The Ripple Effect was established to encourage moms and their kids to opt for drinking water. In addition to enlisting mom ambassadors to share their tips for making healthier choices, Nestlé® Pure Life® is also providing water to children through their After-School All-Stars organization. Nestlé® Pure Life® has committed to provide nearly one million 8 ounce servings of water to kids this school year through After-School All-Stars. Information source – At over 20 participating schools in select markets across the country.

In an online survey conducted by Nestlé® Pure Life® in June 2015*, they found out that barely half of moms {52%} regularly remind their child/children to drink water. Besides that, moms considered drinking water to be one of the biggest healthy habit struggles with their kids {38%}, beating out the struggle to getting them to eating fruit {29%}, exercising {23%} and eating breakfast {19%}. If I had been asked these questions prior to the Summer, there’s no doubt I would fall underneath these statistics, but am so happy and proud to report it is no longer the case in our family!

Find out more about helping your family to Drink Up and be part of The Ripple Effect, joining the movement to keep kids hydrated, by visiting pureliferippleeffect.com! Get additional tips and share your own ideas for healthy hydration by visiting the Nestlé® Pure Life® Facebook while utilizing #pureliferippleeffect. What are your favorite tips to get your kids and family to stay healthy and hydrated?.

* Online survey was conducted in June 2015 of 1,077 moms of kids ages 6-12 overall, including 254 Hispanic moms of kids ages 6-12. 1,077 kids ages 6-12 from the same household were also surveyed, including 254 Hispanic kids ages 6-12. © 2015 Nestlé® Waters North America Inc.


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  1. Here in Texas it gets super hot too, so it’s so important to bring water along! It’s great to have kids in sports they enjoy, too!