One Step Closer to Family and Friends with CloudPets!

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One Step Closer with CloudPets ~ Lynlee's

Do your kids have a hard time staying in touch with long-distance family members like my daughter, Anabelle?! As you might have seen in our Are We There Yet post, we have been lucky enough to be able to travel quite a bit to visit with our loved ones, but the fact of the matter is that we just aren’t able to do it as frequently as we would like, which is why we were so excited to find out about the adorable stuffed animals called CloudPets™!

Map of Family & Friends

Those of you have have followed the blog for awhile might already know that my family and I currently live in Las Vegas, NV, but have not lived here all our lives! I was originally born in São Paulo, Brazil and when we moved to California, we unfortunately left quite a bit of family behind. We then headed to California, which is where I met my husband, Brad, years later. With family and friends spread out, we’ve tried to visit as much as possible, especially to allow our friends and family to bond with Anabelle, but the hardest part is continuing that relationship on an everyday basis. So, when I heard about CloudPets™, I immediately thought it could be a resolution to the problem!

Kitty CloudPets ~ Lynlee's

The premise of the new, one-of-a-kind toy is to allow loved ones to stay in touch with the creative use of modern technology. When you download the CloudPets™ app {to a variety of compatible phones and tablets}, it connects to the stuffed animal so that you, as well as friends and family who are invited to connect, can record and send messages! Seriously, how cute is that?! As soon as I explained it to Anabelle, she was beyond excited and couldn’t wait to pick one up!

CloudPets at Walmart ~ Lynlee's

We made sure our local Walmart carried them, then headed in to search for them. At first, we were disappointed because we couldn’t find it in the toy department, but were pleasantly surprised {frankly, I was relieved since Anabelle was had her heart set on getting one!} when we found them in the As Seen on TV aisle! Phew! Now came the tough part…

Choosing CloudPets at Walmart ~ Lynlee's

How to choose?!?! We spent waaaaaay too much time in that aisle trying to decide which CloudPet to purchase! Lol! Between the kitty, bear and puppy, each of their faces were just irresistible! It doesn’t help that I have a weakness for stuffed animals and have apparently passed this trait down to my daughter. Please keep an eye out for us on an episode of Hoarders: Stuffed Animal Edition in the future. 😉

CloudPets Kitty toy ~ Lynlee's

As you can see, the final decision came down to the precious black and white kitty, whom she named Meow Meow! We also picked up some double AA batteries {the toy requires three} so that we could set it up as soon as we got home. It was super easy to connect it via the app on my phone and send out invites to our loved ones to join in on the fun!

CloudPets app ~ Lynlee's

The app is incredibly easy to navigate and also includes a game and lullabies, allowing for extra cuddles! The messages are sent through the app running on a nearby device and Anabelle was then able to listen to them herself through Meow Meow, as well as record and send reply messages herself. Not only am I excited that she connect with faraway family and friends, but I’m thrilled that when I am away on business trips, I can send her little messages! Frankly, it’s hard on BOTH of us when I am away from home, so I think it will provide us with some much needed solace to hear each other’s voices as we count down the days until my return. Plus, any worries I had with the technology were eased when I read that there are parental controls because… well, the virtual world can be a bit scary these days!

CloudPets ~ Lynlee's

Anabelle is soooooo excited to exchange messages with her grandparents in Santa Cruz and her close friends in Los Angeles and her aunts, uncles and cousins in… well, throughout the country and world! Check out this super quick video to hear a message sent on Meow Meow!


With whom would you or your kids connect using CloudPets™? So many possibilities… kids away at camp, in the hospital or with parents in the military! Or how cute would they be to ask someone to prom with or as an anniversary gift?! Any other creative ideas?


Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. Your daughter is so adorable and who wouldn’t want to keep in touch with her?! I love these pets for their special messages and I think I need to get one for my son. [client]

    • Thank you so, so much!!! Your son would definitely love it! The stuffed animals alone are cute, but it’s just adorable that they can send and receive messages! ♥

  2. My son would keep in contact with my mom..We just moved out and this is his 1st time away from his gram since he was born!