I’m All Ears! Minnie Headband Holder Tutorial

Disney Minnie Mouse headband holder tutorial ~ Lynlee's

As you might already know, my family and I were fortunate to have been gifted Disneyland Annual Passes from my extremely generous in-laws the last couple of years! We are so very grateful for all the memories we have made, as we attempted to travel to the park almost every month, which is about a 4-5 hour drive from Vegas. Yes, we are indeed that family that NEVER, EVER, EVER gets sick of it, experiences magic with every single trip {I swear I tear up at some point during every visit!} and are developing a collection of Disney EARS! Due to this ever-expanding assortment, I decided to finally create a headband holder to store and display our ears inspired by one of our favorite characters: Minnie Mouse!

Disney Minnie headband holder ~ Lynlee's

Isn’t it so super cute?! I had seen several DIY’s for the vertical headband holders, but I wanted to make a horizontal that would properly display the ears upright… with a Disney twist, of course! I decided to go with the traditional Minnie Mouse colors of red, white and black, but it can be done in so many different themes! Not only will it be incredibly useful to display our collection, but to invoke magical memories of our past Disneyland trips!

Disney Magic on the Carousel! ~ Lynlee's

These puffy ears {as we refer to them!} are one of our faves! And this has to be one of the most memorable pictures from our trips to the Happiest Place on Earth! I mean, just look at the pure joy on that face! And those cheeks!!!

Disney Ears Collection ~ Lynlee's

We love the puffy ears so much, that we just had to get them in the pink colorway… with sequins, of course! And as you can see, shiny sequins are a favorite of ours, as we also have them in white, silver and black and red! Now we’ve expanded our assortment with custom styles, from my cupcake ears {matching back to my brand!} to Baymax ears to some adorable Haunted Mansion ears we will be sporting in just a couple of months for Halloween! Eek! We’re obviously OBSESSED! Lol!

Disney Minnie headband holder close-up ~ Lynlee's

I’m going to have to get my behind in gear to create a few more headbands to not only store the ones we have, but to make room for the custom ears we currently have on order! I just can’t be stopped! 😉

To display your own collection of headbands and ears, head on over to my eBay guide to find the step-by-step instructions for the Minnie headband holder! And stay tuned for some additional Disney-inspired posts! ♥


Merci Beaucoup!

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