Once Upon a Time Princess Fondant Cupcake Tutorial

Once Upon a Time fondant cupcake tutorial ~ Lynlee's

Princess parties have to be one of THE most popular themes amongst little {and big} girls. I must admit I am surprised we have yet to have a royal bash in our home, but that might end soon, especially with the release of the new Disney Cinderella movie this month! Cinderella is actually my mom’s favorite princess and when my daughter was about two, my mom secretly took me into her closet to show me the doll she just purchased to gift her granddaughter. It was beautiful, but I had to point out to her that it was porcelain, which doesn’t fair well with toddlers! lol! So, she’s stored it ever since and with the resurgence of Cinderella this year, it’ll make the perfect gift for my now {almost} eight year old!

Cinderella cupcakes ~ Lynlee's

When I first started making fondant cupcake toppers, I received a request to make a Cinderella set back in 2011. There are many, many designs that I look back on and cringe, but I was actually proud of these! Well, besides the fact that the cupcakes don’t have pretty little liners. 😉

Princess fondant cupcake toppers ~ Lynlee's

A year later, I made this mash-up set of fondant cupcake toppers, reflecting both Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast elements for a sweet little four year old princess! As you can see, I utilized similar designs from my first set {you can see the progression in my fondant figure modeling}, along with some new techniques, such as adding texture to the fondant.

Cinderella fondant toppers ~ Lynlee's

Here’s another set I made for my sweet friend, Michelle from Ellery Designs for her daughter’s magical princess party! This time around, the characters are not full figures, but still possess three-dimensional components.

Princess fondant cupcake toppers ~ Lynlee's

And finally, this is a set of princess toppers I made for the kind and talented Scout Masterson of The Guncles for the Princess Party he was throwing for his sweet daughter, Simone to welcome home her BFF, Harper {daughter of Tiffani Thiessen}.

I had such an amazing response to this collection that I included the instructions to recreate the carriage and pillow with tiara and wand in my book Sweet & Unique Cupcake Toppers! And even better, I’m sharing the princess fondant cupcake tutorial on the Craftsy blog! Be sure to check it out and if you want additional princess cupcake inspiration, take a look at my round-up!


Merci Beaucoup!

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