Sweet Tooth Fairy Fondant Tutorial

Tooth Fairy Fondant Tutorial

My daughter, Anabelle, lost her first tooth a couple of years ago when she was five and so began our relationship with the magical Tooth Fairy! There are a variety of traditions that families follow for their tooth transactions and it’s worth thinking about early on so that items can be made/ordered that will make the Tooth Fairy’s first visit a smooth one.

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Tooth Fairy Notes ~ Lynlee's

Our little fairy decided that she would leave a little tooth pillow {that she just might have commissioned from Hannalah Designs’ shop} a few days before she lost her first tooth with instructions to insert her tooth in the little pocket on the back and place it under her pillow. Then, when switch finally did occur, she left little notes, including a receipt and reminder to brush her teeth {that she might have designed with clip art from Kelly Medina Studios}, along with money! Oh, and she also tends to sprinkle a little glitter under her pillow for that extra touch of magic.

Tooth Fairy Doors ~ Lynlee's

I have also seen other families who have miniature doors where the Tooth Fairy could pass  through to collect teeth and leave surprises, such as these adorable fairy doors from Paris Cabinet. Aren’t they just so stinkin’ cute?!

Tooth Fairy Fondant Cupcake Topper ~ Lynlee's

I created a fondant tutorial on the Craftsy blog for this sweet little Tooth Fairy topper for a fun way to celebrate this milestone in your family’s lives. Head on over for the step-by-step instructions to re-creating her and bring gap-tooth smiles to your kiddos’ faces!

What are your family’s Tooth Fairy traditions?


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