Growing up 80’s Totally Awesome Party!

This past week­end I cel­e­brated my 34th birth­day and though I don’t usu­ally do this, I decided to throw myself a party! If you know me per­son­ally or fol­low me on Face­book, you might already know that I’m absolutely obsessed with the 80’s and have always wanted a themed party to cel­e­brate this decade! I thought this would be the per­fect oppor­tu­nity now that 80’s and neon style is TOTALLY back! Since it was MY birth­day, I opted for self-indulgence and focused on all the ele­ments that brought me back to when I was grow­ing up. This really was the most fun I’ve ever had shop­ping for party sup­plies because of all the AWESOME mem­o­ries they evoked!!!

For the invites, I decided to re-create one of my favorite and essen­tial items as a kid grow­ing up in the 80’s: a Trap­per Keeper! Uti­liz­ing graph­ics that I pur­chased from the “Awe­some 80’s” col­lec­tion on Etsy by Maree Tru­elove, I designed the binder, which I printed on photo paper to give it more con­struc­tion and sheen, and added a small adhe­sive vel­cro. The details of the party were printed inside on lined paper that was attached to a stack of 4x6 index cards to add to the thick­ness. I had fun with all the col­ors and fonts that I down­loaded for free on the internet!

The dessert table was cen­tered by a cas­sette stereo and a red lips phone I found at local thrift stores. I cre­ated some stands with VHS and cas­sette tapes, along with some Mead Trap­per fold­ers, which I found in the super­mar­ket sta­tion­ary aisles… exactly where I did back in the day! Addi­tional decor included minia­ture etch-a-sketches, slinkies and koosh balls. I cre­ated food labels with a denim dig­i­tal paper from Granny Enchanted’s Blog {light­ened to give it a more acid wash effect with some paint splashes}, then added some col­or­ful designs and but­tons and placed them on mini rubix cubes. I also found some RAD “Foot­loose” and “Flash­dance” glasses at Ross Stores that were just per­fect! One side of the table included Cab­bage Patch cake balls, Tetris rice krispies pops on silly straws, 80’s toys cake pops {pogo balls, Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur­tles and Pop­ples) and pop­u­lar candy from the era. The cup­cakes included iconic 80’s items, such as a Teddy Rux­pin, rain­bow roller skates and an L.A. Gear ten­nis shoe!

The other side of the table dis­played 80’s but­ton Oreo pops, slap bracelet candy strips, bub­ble gum and 80’s elec­tronic “bytes”! I was inspired by some Screech marsh­mal­low pops I had seen in the Saved by the Bell party from Nicole at Mil­lion Dol­lar $mile Cel­e­bra­tions {one of my fave par­ties!}, so I dipped marsh­mal­lows in choco­late and con­fetti sprin­kles and styled them with dif­fer­ent fon­dant hair styles of the 80’s! Can you iden­tify the do’s: the hair band, the Flock of Seag­ulls, punk mohawk, the rat­tail, the side pony tail and, of course, the mullet!
I wanted the back­ground to resem­ble school lock­ers to dis­play some 80’s mem­o­ra­bilia, so I came up with an idea to draw them with chalk and have one open with the actual items com­ing out of it. With the help of my dad and hus­band, we cre­ated an 8x8 black­board by paint­ing two wooden boards with chalk­board paint and attach­ing them together, along with a shelf and hook. The “inside” of the locker included my per­sonal faves that I either owned or pur­chased at thrift stores, from toys to books to elec­tron­ics. I pur­chased the super cute 80’s pho­to­booth props from paper & cake and uti­lized a cou­ple of the but­tons to dec­o­rate the back­pack with safety pins.
The open door of the locker was dec­o­rated with cut-outs of 80’s teen mag­a­zines, but­tons uti­lized as mag­nets and pho­tos of moi and my young friends!
I couldn’t have an appro­pri­ate 80’s party with­out dress­ing up! I set up a “Boda­cious Beauty Bar” in our guest bath­room, which offered all the make-up, acces­sories and hair prod­ucts needed {inside a Caboo­dles box, of course!}. Choices of sun­glasses, press-on nails, jelly bracelets and sticker jew­elry not only made me giddy, but my daugh­ter was beside her­self with excitement!
For din­ner, we served cheese­burg­ers with the Wendy’s “Where’s the Beef?” 80’s slo­gan in lit­tle neon school bins, along with chicken nuggets. I wanted to re-create the McNugget Bud­dies toys from the 80’s McDon­ald Happy Meals, so I down­loaded the pho­to­booth props so gen­er­ously offered by Oh Happy Day {thank you so much to Cre­ative Juice for the fab tip!} to dress up the lit­tle nuggets! Refresh­ments included Ecto-Cooler Hi-C and Pac-Man energy drinks!
For activ­i­ties, I had a Slam Book from the Sweet Val­ley High book series to fill out our picks for the most pop­u­lar, most like Jes­sica Wake­field and make pre­dic­tions in the “Crys­tal Ball” sec­tion! I also found paper “Swatch” watches to be dec­o­rated with neon puffy paint and cans of neon silly string for “graf­fiti”! The favors included neon pens, minia­ture note and address books and erasers.
We couldn’t get all gussied up in our RAD 80’s out­fits and not have a photo booth! We had a TOTALLY AWESOME time with the fun props from paper & cake and took some GNARLY polaroids!

I had such an incred­i­ble time strolling down mem­ory lane, re-living my child­hood and cel­e­brat­ing my birth­day! I have to say that one of the best parts was how my daugh­ter, Anabelle, was so excited to dress up, sing and dance to 80’s music and said to me, “I wanna have an 80’s party, too!”… I guess my work is done. 😉

Growing Up 80's Totally Awesome party ~ Lynlee's

Merci Beau­coup!

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  1. Incred­i­ble!!!! The details are amaz­ing. This brought back some great memories :)

  2. This is totally awe­some Lyn­lee! It looks like a com­plete blast. My favorite is the beauty bar and how you used the old Vhs for dessert tow­ers. Bril­liant as always.

  3. AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! lol i love this! i am laugh­ing so hard at all the mem­o­ries!!!
    so per­fect & creative!

  4. AMAZING!!! Love all the details! Look­ing at the pic­tures I was “I remem­ber that! And that, and that!!!!!”

  5. Dina - Deliciously Darling Events says:

    OH MY GOSH LYNLEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just took me back to my child­hood! Totally love love love every 80’s detail! You are incred­i­ble! From the slam books to the cab­bage patch cake pops. So flip­pin adorable. You rule :) -

  6. This is sooo amaz­ing! I love all details, espe­cially have a fond­ness for puffy paint!! You are so super tal­ented, awe­some job!

  7. OOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOD! This is freak­ing AMAZING! It’s like you got into my head and put every­thing I love about the 80s onto a party! Pop­ples? Pogo Balls? Cock­tail (which I just watched this week­end!) Lyn­lee, I can­not. I mean, I am speech­less. Let’s be best friends!!!!

    • Your com­pli­ments seri­ously mean the world to me, Britt! Thank you SO, SO much for your incred­i­bly kind and gen­er­ous words, friend! One of these days we will meet in per­son and party like it’s… 1989!!! ♥

  8. Becky's cakes and ideas! says:

    Wow!!! Totally awesome!!!!

  9. It’s totally rad girl!! Brought back so many memories!!!

  10. Totally awe­some! I feel like I just went through the 80’s again but this time was a whole lot more fun! ♥ Happy Belated Birth­day, Sweet Cakes!

  11. Oh my good­ness this is the best party ever! I grad­u­ated high school in 1990 so I am a TRUE 80’s child. Thank you!

  12. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! I love this!! Where did you find the Ecto-Cooler?!?!?!?!

  13. LOVE every­thing about this party, Lyn­lee!! {guess my invite was lost in the mail!?}

  14. Such fun mem­o­ries. Excel­lent job putting this totally rad party together!

  15. OMG! What a cool party Lyn­lee! How on earth did you find every­thing!! Great memories!!!

  16. Like totally, for sure! INSANE job! I want an 80’s party in Sep­tem­ber — love you!

  17. I LOVE THIS! Totally, “fur suu­ure”. Com­plete with side pony and jelly bracelets. Ahh the mem­o­ries. Too fun.

  18. That was com­pletely amaz­ing! I can’t believe all the details, I think you cov­ered the 80’s very well! Love the cab­bage heads, 867‑5309, and swatches and every­thing! Great job!

  19. This is unreal! I love it all!!! Espe­cially the high tops that look like LA Gear on the cup­cakes. :) Megan

  20. Seri­ously. I think I still have that same Walk­man some­where around here. I’m sure I have some fold­ers in a mem­o­ries box some­where. I can’t believe you not only did the Reebok sneak­ers but the rain­bow skates, the Polaroid! The Aqua Net! Every­thing! How in the world did you remem­ber all that stuff! (Per­son­ally I try to block it out… LOL) You amaze me. That’s all.

    • Oh, Michele! Thank you so incred­i­bly much, sweet friend!!! I’m obsessed with the 80’s, so it wasn’t too dif­fi­cult to try to remem­ber every­thing! LOL! You’re the sweet­est! And made it look even bet­ter with this fab site! ♥

  21. Thanks a lot Lyn­lee!! Now no one can do an 80’s party because you just did it ALL!! LOL! I TOTALLY love the 80’s and I TOTALLY love this party! You’re a freakin’ genius, that’s all I gotta say. Seriously.

  22. Awe­some as usual!~~


  23. So cute Lynee! I LOVE all your awe­some details!

  24. I am totally in LOVE!!! This party is so totally awe­some! Being a lover of the 80’s girl you totally nailed it!!!!! I would love to fea­ture this but I’m sure big­ger blogs than me have first dibs!! :)


  25. omg I stum­bled upon this link on face­book and am LOVING this!!! A stroll down mem­ory lane in deed! I still have my Pop­ple toy stashed away somwhere, now I want to go find it lol. Those 80’s hair pops are such a cute idea. Thanks for shar­ing all this :)

  26. Where did you get all the fon­dant top­pers? Amazing!

  27. I just relived my child­hood! How fun! Happy Birth­day to you!!

  28. What type of folder did you use to make the trap­per keeper invites? They are absolutely amaz­ing! I’ve never seen a party done like this before! Sim­ply amazing!

  29. Anonymous says:

    That has to be one of the most awsome dis­plays ever..What a great job cel­e­brat­ing the 80’s, I’m a child of the 70’s and that gave me a won­der­ful idea for my 55th,Thank you for the won­der­ful Ideas..=)

  30. I Love this! I’m an 80’s kid =)

  31. Wow! looks like fun! I love a good 80’s throwback!

  32. These are so cute :-)

  33. AAAMAZING!!!! I can’t get enough, those cake balls are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Every ele­ment is so well done!!

  34. Wow, I would have loved to see all of your amaz­ing cre­ations in per­son. I can imag­ine how much fun you and your guests had dur­ing the party and I bet you had just as much fun plan­ning and exe­cut­ing the party. Every­thing looks per­fectly 80’s!

  35. Awe­some! you´re a real inspi­ra­tion to me! thank you and God bless!

  36. totally awe­some party!!! love it! Happy Bday!

  37. These is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz­ing, I love every sin­gle detail, brought back some won­der­ful mem­o­ries. My hubby and I laughed a lot just remem­ber­ing. Thank you for the idea maybe I’ll try it these year. Greet­ing from Panama, PTY 😛 — Grettel

  38. So wicked awe­some! I miss Rain­bow roller­skates. Thanks for the flashback

  39. Looks like you had an amaz­ing 80’s party. I shared the info with a friend that grew up in the 80’s. I was 19 in 1980 so I mostly an “adult” dur­ing that time. I mostly remem­ber the fun clothes we had. :)

  40. Your 80’s Party Dec­o­ra­tions fully Take My Breath Away, because I have been look­ing and search­ing in so many years (more than 10 years!) for a really spe­cific and so detailed party dec­o­ra­tions as pos­si­ble, every­where on the Inter­net, but now I found it here! And I have to tell your i’m a Dane (from Den­mark!), but I really do hope you under­stand the most of it, and that I com­mend you all the way up to the clouds. Every­thing is so awe­some and so suc­cess­ful right down to the small­est detail, and that’s what I like, so I will really con­sider to use some your ideas for my next round birth­day! I have tried once, but it was not a suc­ces, mostly because I were not sat­is­fied enough and maybe not pre­pared enough, and most impor­tant, not detailed enough! A really great thumbs up for all your beau­ti­ful ideas!

  41. this is amaz­ing!! do you sell and ship your treats? Those would be per­fect for my daughter’s 13th birth­day party in Feb. Tiffany @

    • Hi Tiffany ~ Thank you so much for your sweet words, but unfor­tu­nately I am not cur­rently tak­ing orders! :( I truly appre­ci­ate you think­ing of me!

  42. tenniece says:

    Are you.taking orders yet for the fon­dant creations?


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