2011 Sweet Toppers: Year in Review

After looking back on all the Sweet Parties from 2011, I knew I couldn’t neglect the sugary creations that I was very honored to make to be a part of so many wonderful and special celebrations throughout the year! I am truly so incredibly grateful for the immense support and thankful that I can call the pictures below work! ♥
Kids Toppers
My absolute favorite category, inclusive of characters, movies and fun themes!
 Love and Valentine’s Toppers
From Valentine’s Day to weddings and engagements… all you need is love!
 Baby Shower Toppers
What can be sweeter than welcoming a new life to the world and a new gift for families!
Summer Toppers
Celebrating Independence Day and playing in sand in the hot Summer sun!
 Sports Toppers
Sports and activities of all kinds for boys and girls, kids and adults!
Musical Toppers
Pop culture and fresh beats keeping us on our toes!
 Miscellaneous and Fun Toppers
A grouping of thematic and fun toppers that make each celebration so personalized!
 Fall and Halloween Toppers
Spooky and cute toppers for such a fun time of year!
 Winter and Holiday Toppers
What a fabulous way to end the year!

It warms my heart that my work can play a part in happy and celebratory events in people’s lives, young and old! Thank you so very much for including me, for all the fun themes and inspiration and unmitigated support! ♥

Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. Love your work! I would love some toppers for my son rock star party. Located in SC.

  2. You were a busy girl this year! And my jaw still drops every time I see your work. :)
    Here’s to a fabulous 2012! xoxo

  3. You are SO out of control talented! AWESOME review. Levery single inch of fondant on this page!

  4. I love EVERYTHING!!!!

  5. You are so mega talented! Your designs blow me away! So happy for all of your success in 2011.

  6. Absolutely amazing!! I look forward to gazing at your beautiful work every time I hear that you are involved with a party but seeing it all in one place is mind blowing!

  7. I don’t even know where to start. I hope you look back and are HUGELY satisfied with your work this year, because it is nothing short of amazing! Truly.


  8. Absolutely GORGEOUS work!!! I can’t even pick a fave..everything is perfection!

  9. You are awesome and an inspiration!

  10. INSANE talent. My mouth is hanging open. You were involved in some of the most gorgeous parties of the year. Fab!

  11. I can’t take it. Too much sweetness in one place. Crazy talented chick. I’m crushin’ hard.

  12. Wow, your attention to detail is amazing! I am in awe of your incredible talent and your fabulous designs…can’t wait to see 2012!

  13. Love your work!!! Best wishes to you and your family in 2012!!

  14. I cannot thank you ALL enough for the absolutely humbling, flattering and supportive comments! I truly am so appreciative and cannot wait for what 2012 has in store for us all! Merci beaucoup! ♥

  15. Your work is absolutely amazing! And you must be smiling all the time, surrounded by all this cuteness!

  16. Wow! These are all really awesome. I love it all. The amazing art that is. Great work keep it up.