Anabelle, Anabelle.. Let Down your Hair!!

While we were planning my daughter’s 4th birthday, the Disney Tangled movie was released on DVD and she decided she also wanted a Rapunzel party! Since we were already in the midst of Neverland preparations, we decided to incorporate this theme into her school celebration with elements from the movie, such as a purple color scheme, her love of art, the use of frying pans and of course, her looooooooong hair!

For the treats, I attempted to attach cut sugar cones to the top of marshmallows on sticks to resemble Rapunzel’s tower, but once I dipped them in chocolate, they were a little too heavy! To avoid any disasters, I made one for the birthday girl and attached a long, yellow marshmallow to represent her hair. All her friends received marshmallows dipped in purple chocolate and tied with yellow yarn, all served in a frying pan.

When students celebrate their birthdays at her school, they are asked to bring in a timeline of photos to share with the rest of the class. To continue the theme, I found instructions on Disney’s Family Fun site to make a hair clip organizer out of yarn and once made, attached photos to the long braided locks. It was really fun for her to carry it around and show her friends and she can now utilize it to store her bows and clips, as it was originally intended!

As favors, I found really cute frying pans at the Dollar Tree in the toy section and added some paints and a paint brush. I utilized a free clip art graphic and added a note thanking her friends for “letting {their} hair down” and celebrating with us! Since I still had some yellow yarn, I was inspired by the adorable invitation from Bettijo at Super Mom Moments and recruited my mom to help me make smaller braids and attach them with a purple ribbon. I also included some coloring pages from Disney’s that I printed on cardstock on which the kids could paint.

The birthday girl had a fabulous time getting tangled up in all the fun with her classmates! I can’t believe my little girl has gone from this wide-eyed baby…
…to this amazing FOUR year old!
As I have said before, I cannot believe how quickly time is passing and I just love to commemorate each and every one of her birthdays in a special way! I can’t wait to take you all to Never Never Land and share all the details of the festivities! Stay tuned…

Merci Beaucoup!

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  1. Great ideas here! I’m sure it was a great party! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Awesome ideas, thank you so much for sharing