All Aboard Noah’s Birthday Train!

When Harriet was transferred to the US from Canada in 2002, she started out simply as my co-worker (who was deathly afraid of the LA freeways!), but throughout the past nine years, she has become one of my closest and best friends! I have been so lucky to have been a part of so many happy and momentous events in her life here, including her marriage to her wonderful husband, Walter, and the birth of her beautiful son, Noah. To commemorate Noah’s 3rd birthday this past weekend, they decided to party it up at My Gym with all his friends, while honoring his recent love of trains… Thomas the Train! I was so happy to help out with the planning and execution of Noah’s party! Since the venue only provided a table/counter, we decided to maximize our space by utilizing it to display all the food, dessert and favors, anchored by a blue and white striped fabric resembling a conductor’s hat pattern. To capture the overall feel of a train station, I was inspired by the printables Rachael Lewis of Phoenix Event Planning created for her adorable Choo Choo Train Party, including the cute wording she utilized! Here are the details:

Passengers were greeted at the door with a sign instructing them to climb aboard Noah’s birthday train! Once inside, they made their way to PLATFORM 3 and as soon as they grabbed their conductor hats (displayed in a small red suitcase), they were ready to party! ALL ABOARD!

The beverages were served in adorable plastic train cups equipped with straws. CHOO CHOO!

When the train passengers were ready to eat, they proceeded to the DINING CAR, where they would find turn table pizzas , along with snacks, such as fruit salad.

The cupcakes included train-themed designs from train tracks to luggage to Thomas himself!

The cupcakes were displayed on a tower for NOAH & FRIENDS to enjoy!

Next to the cupcake tower, we had a plush train basket, which held thematic blowers to be utilized by the passengers to celebrate! And lastly, the LUGGAGE DEPOT was located at the end, including a blue suitcase with Noah’s name and housing the favors. I utilized the same railroad scrapbook paper to decorate the chipboard letters and glued them onto the inside of the suitcase cover. When the trip was over, we made sure all the passengers stopped by to pick up their luggage, which included items, such as train whistles, toy metal trains, steam bubbles and Thomas the Train Pez dispensers to say “TANKS”!

Noah had a wonderful time aboard his birthday train with all his fellow friend and family passengers!

Conductor Noah! 
My daughter was definitely a passenger that enjoyed the fabulous ride!
Anabelle and her Auntie Harriet
Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!!!

Merci Beaucoup!

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